Please send your prayers/good vibes to our little foster tomorrow

  1. Hi guys... as most of you know I've been fostering an animal cruelty case doggie that is an absolute bundle of love. (Special thank yous again to my wonderful friends Boxermom and Razorbackbelle0 who are his guardian angels :love:) You can read his whole story here:

    Anyway, tomorrow he will be getting the first of two treatments to kill off his horrible heartworms, and we have already been prepped by the vet that there is a chance he won't make it through treatment. I am absolutely torn up about this and tonight before he gets his first shot is especially difficult; but there is no other choice. Please please please send your prayers his way tomorrow and for the next few weeks, as he tries to pull through this and get healthy. No one deserves a second chance more than this little fella! Thanks PF friends, you guys are like my AA (Animals Anonymous) support group!
  2. The poor little darling. I hope he'll be ok. Hugs.
  3. Good luck tomorrow, my thought are with you guys.
  4. My thoughts and prayers go out for him! :heart:
  5. He's got to get better!!! He is TOO CUTE to be overtaken by those nasty heartworms!!!
  6. oh... my heart goes out to you guys... i hope he makes it!!!
  7. Healing thoughts for your little guy and family!
  8. Sending healing vibes to this little guy that he pulls through with flying colors :heart:
  9. Good Luck and Speedy recovery Buddy!!
  10. My puppy Sophie and I are sending love and positive thoughts your way. You are doing a wonderful thing by trying to save this wonderful dog...Good Luck and keep us posted!
  11. I'm sending good vibes his way! Be strong honey!
  12. Don't worry. I'm sure Buddy will pull thru'. He's definitely in my prayers.
  13. Katie sends lots of licks and snuggles to you both! Please let us know updates as you can!
  14. Poor baby doesn't deserve to have to go through this. Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way! :flowers: Get better soon cutie!
  15. Good luck! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the pup! :smile: