Please send me Bad


Sep 4, 2006
Ladies I need your help, please send all your bad karma my way. I am of on one of my shopping trips to London tomorrow, and I am finally going to see this interlocking "F" spy. I have been drooling over Lits pictures of it on her livejournal.

I have a very strong feeling I am going to fall in love with this spy - which I do not want to do at all - as the bag costs $10,200 or £5,100. So if everyone can send hate vibes to me "saying I am so going to hate this spy" it might help.

If I get any more news on the new collection will let everyone know.

Wish me luck:angel:
Saichy, I'm sending you all GOOD vibes on your shopping trip to London. Perhaps you'll unload one of your gorgeous spies on one of us at tPF. :graucho:

Oh, do take pictures so we can live vicariously! Have fun!