Please send lucky H thoughts my way

  1. going to Paris tonight for a business trip and desperately hoping to find the black box kelly of my dreams while I'm there. I'm only there 2 days and won't have many chances to pop in to H stores (traveling with non-H loving boss), but maybe the George V store will have one? fingers crossed.
  2. Good luck! Good luck! Good luck!!! Fingers crossed for you!!!
  3. You've got it!! :flowers::woohoo:
  4. Good Luck!!! Try to check the FSH store. They seem to have a lot of kellys in the system. :tup:
  5. thank you. I will try FSH too...if I can escape from boss during business hours.
  6. * sending you orange vibes *
  7. Kelly Kelly Kelly....find your way to audreyhepburn please...
  8. AH, I have faith you will come up with your black box Kelly - you have fabulous H. karma!! :angel: FSH had many black box Kellys when I was there. (GHW)

    Sending positive orange vibes your way...
  9. Fingers X X for you!!!!!!!!
  10. Good luck! :yes:
  11. I'm crossing my fingers, arms and legs for you. Please post pics when you find one! :smile:
  12. Good luck! You've picked a classic.
  13. Best Wishes! Hope you find just what you're looking for!
  14. Sending you lucky vibes audreyhepburn!!!
    Have a good trip.
  15. Best of luck!