Please send good vibes for my rescue Thoroughbred colt, Amadeus

  1. So as many of you know, I rescued an 18 month old Thoroughbred colt a couple of months ago and he has been coming along WONDERFULLY, I could not resist posting more BEFORE/AFTER pics after just 2 months of me owning him ;). He needs to be "gelded" which is the same thing as neutering an intact male dog. Usually this is a very uncomplicated procedure in which the Vet comes out to the barn, sedates the colt to have them lie down out in the arena, and just cuts the offending "boys" off......Unfortunately, one of Amadeus' "boys" is waaaaaaayyyyy up somewhere in his flank or abdomen and he has to go in for surgery so they can dig around and find it. The vet told me if it is not down by now, it probably is not ever going to, so he has to have the surgery. I also discovered when I body clipped him that he has an umbilical hernia that ALSO needs surgery at the same time. He also has to have his wolf teeth pulled at the same time.

    All of these procedures are going to be done at one time under general anesthesia and they are all "routine" horse procedures. The real danger is bringing the horse out of anesthesia because they are so big and sometimes lose it and freak out when they are coming out of it. Equine Vets use a padded room to wake a horse up in for a reason!

    I have to take him to the hospital on this Thursday, his surgery is Friday, and I pick him up on Saturday. Just send good vibes his way, he is my baby! Thank you, I always appreciate you guys!
    DSC00006.jpg DSC00005.jpg
  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. I will definitely be praying for Amadeus, especially Thursday through Friday... I hope the procedure and the anesthesia go smoothly. Please keep us posted!
  3. Hey good luck Amadeus! Don't worry, you will feel much better after the procedures. Plus, I am sure many special treats will be coming you way once you wake up.
  4. :heart::heart:

    good vibes are heading your way!!! I am sure your boy will be fine, but that is a lot to worry about at one time, K! I know very well how hard it is....I will be thinking of you and Amadeus...


    p.s. can you skip the hernia? I left petunias, it is just his small enough to leave?
  5. Lots of prayers & good thoughts for Amadeus and hopefully he will have a smooth recovery:love:

    I have a real special feeling for horses (especially Thoroughbreds:girlsigh:) I do work for a family who breeds, raises, board and race Thoroughbreds and I just love Spring when the foals are born.

    I will look for updates:tup:
  6. Definitely sending many healing thoughts his way. He looks so much better in his after picture. I can tell he is well loved now.
  7. I wish him a speedy recovery from his surgeries! At least he is able to get all of that taken care of at once, and not have to go back. Just one scary day and then it is all healing from there. Please keep us updated on his progress. :yes:
  8. Good vibes and prayers being sent for a successful surgery and recovery for Amadeus. He is a very beautiful and cute horse!!
  9. I wish I could just leave the hernia, the Vet said he definitely needs surgery on it. The Vet could fit his thumb in there so he said it is something that needs to be taken care of :sad:
  10. I wish you and Amadeus the best of luck!!!!!
    I recently saw on Animal Planet a horse that had ran through a barbed wire fence and his knees were so injured....I cried.....I feel so bad for horses...their eyes are so powerful to speak emotions.
  11. awwh good vibes your way! he's so cute!
  12. Good Luck sending all my prayers to Amadeus.
  13. Kristie,

    I love reading all you post about this fabulous horse - you know what a Seattle Slew freak I am. LOL You have a bit of history and a great horse too! Sending all good wishes your way.

  14. Awwwwww...Maxter, you saved his picture from another thread?? You are so sweet :flowers:. This is a great pic of him when he had his "fuzzies" and long mane still. As you can probably tell, in his new pic, he has a full body clip and I pulled his mane to about 5 inches. He would run around in turnout and play so hard that he was a sweaty mess so I had the barn owner clip him. He is so much more comfortable now in his cozy blanket that he wears over his "human given summer coat."
  15. I will say a prayer for Amadeus. Everything will be fine, keep us all updated.