Please send good thoughts! My first special order of Louboutins!

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  1. As much as I love Louboutins I make it a point not to try anything on at the department stores since nothing fits. I went to LA last weekend and visited the boutique.....I was so exicted to try on as many Louboutins as possible and fell in love with the Ernesta and Piaf. I have really small feet - size 4.5 narrow with a narrow heel and hoped that I would find something.

    When I put my feet in a size 34 Piaf there was 1" between my heel and the heel of the shoe. The same thing happened with the Ernesta, I think maybe it was .5 inch. ARGH!!! :crybaby:I asked the SA if I could special order them and she said yes, they'd have to fax the order to Paris and see if Monsieur Louboutin has a last that small to make the shoes. The SAs couldn't believe how small my feet were. We figured I was a size 33 in the Piafs (the toe box is really long) and a 33.5 in the Ernestas. I ordered the Piafs in black calf and the Ernestas in black patent with black heel.

    Of course there is an additional 30% but if I could get shoes that actually fit me I would be so happy! I also had a "celebrity" sighting but that didn't mean as much to me as the shoes LOL!

    Please send good thoughts that I'll be able to get these gorgeous shoes! *crossing fingers, toes and eyes*

    Louboutin Piaf.jpg l.jpg
  2. i hope it works out. that will be awesome.
  3. Good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts........
  4. Crossing my fingers and toes for ya! ;)
  5. Thank you for the kind words everyone! :girlsigh:

    It's so hard finding beautiful shoes for my freakishly small feet :shrugs:
  6. Ooh, your choices are soooo pretty! I really hope they work out for you....I want to see when they come in! ;)
  7. *wishes Honu good thoughts!*
  8. Oh, I hope it works out for you. I am sure that must be frustrating having such small feet. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  9. Best wishes! I hope it all works out, is there a return policy if they do not fit?

    And... Do tell, who was the celebrity you spotted?
  10. I really hope it works out for you--I completely understand Louboutin fever!!! Good thoughts! :flowers:
  11. Good luck! The Ernestas are so gorgeous, I actually stood in front of them for minutes in the store blabbering to my bf about how beautiful they are before I ran outta there (because I really, really shouldn't get them). Please show pix when you get them.

    What do you normally do for shoes? I'm a size 5 and it's so frustrating, so I can't imagine your difficulty. I don't even bother asking to try shoes on at times anymore, just so that last hope that *maybe* I can get them isn't dashed by reality.
  12. awwww!!!!!
    I hope it works out for you!!!! I could imagine how hard it is for you to find shoes. I have big calves, so when it comes to boots, i know how it feels.
    Keep us posted!!!!
  13. Praying to the shoe gods for you! :smile: Let us know how it goes.
  14. good luck!! who'd you see?
  15. I will cross my fingers and toes and think good thoughts. I hope you get them and will look forward to see pics of you styling in your custom CL's.