Please say it's a real Tod's!

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  1. I got this bag about six months ago off of eBay, and it's been my pride and joy, so I really hope you'll tell me it's real! A few things I should say... the pockets on the inside, at the very bottom feels a little "sticky." Not sure if it's from the previous owner spilling something, but it almost feel like it was either glued on or something sticky got stuck down there (it's in all pockets)? I didn't want to pull it apart to see... I attached a picture with the one stitching that looked a little off (larger than the other ones), and the inside of the purse.. Made in Italy is on the right and Genuine leather on the left... Bottom has rubber soles.... Ok, give me the good news now :p Thank you!!
    mocasino 001.jpg mocasino 003.jpg mocasino 006.jpg mocasino 005.jpg mocasino 007.jpg
  2. All I can do is compare to my Tod's bag (bought in a Tod's store). Mine has "made in Italy" on the left and "genuine leather" plus a codenumber on the right. I can't tell, but the leather zipper pulls should have the "T" stamped in the leather. In one photo the stitching appears uneven, and you already noted that. Tod's is meticulous about their stitching.

    I never thought Tod's were faked, until an eBay purse expert told me oh, yes, they are, unfortunately.

    Welcome to the Purse Forum. I hope some other Tod's people will offer opinions. I'm only a Tod's owner, and I have tried to learn more about the brand.
  3. The bag is so gorgeous! It does have the Tod's logo on the zipper pull... but unfortunately it seems like the "made in italy" and "genuine leather" and code are opposite to yours. There were only TWO stitching mistakes!! I figure that everyone makes mistakes, right? Ah well.... I still really love the bag :sad: Thanks for your input!
  4. Cahmyel, your TOD'S is authentic! :yahoo: The Made in Italy can be on either side. I have many TOD'S and the Made in Italy varies. All mine were purchased at the boutique in NYC.
    The sipper pulls look good. The fakes of this Corniche bag you purchased , have the zippers in nylon and the lining is usually signature, somthing TOD'S never does. The fake of this bag also has the stitching on the inside folds further back, yours is right on the edge as it is supposed to be.
    TOD'S are hand stitched, so you may find a stitch now and again that is off, human error!

    Sleep easy, enjoy your bag! Great color too!
  5. Thank you again!! :smile: I thought it was either a really good fake or a slightly off authentic. But I feel much better now!
  6. Eh? Sorry to revive this century-old thread, but my Cornice doesnt have the middle pocket inside (second picture). It's just usual big zippered pocket on one side (like the one in D-bag) and small pockets for cellphone etc on the other side.

    And I think mince doesnt have the pebbled rubber thingie as well.

    Any thought bout this?
  7. This bag comes in 3 sizes. Grande (this one)has the extra compartment in the middle. The Media, no compartment and the Piccola, very small, no extra compartment. No Gomini (rubber thingy on the bottom) on the Media or Piccola.
  8. heh heh, yup... mine is media. thanks a lot Isabel, as always :drinkup:
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