Please, say it isn't so! Poor service in Dawsonville?!

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  1. So, I found the "kick a$$" leopard, sequined audrey up at Dawsonville on MLKing Weekend and was happy with a great bag despite being unable to convince the SA that something should be taken off the price of the bag above the 20% off coupon. Flash forward to today... I get a really thoughtful PM from miss_chiff, my fellow Coachie and fellow Dawsonvillian, letting me know that she had noticed that some other Coachies had spotted the shiny bag for 30% off.

    "Hrm..." I said. I wouldn't ordinarily have cared if there had been a price drop and I had missed the 14-day price adjustment window (it's happened before and will doubtlessly happen again) but in this case, the outlet had mistakenly over-charged me. I spoke with the manager on duty who essentially told me that, short of getting a friend to covertly come in and buy the bag after I return it (and she wasn't giving me permission to do that), I was pretty much out of luck. She also made a point of saying that the friend had to be someone other than the friend that usually accompanies me to Dawsonville. Of course, 800# CSRs are of no assistance in outlet matters.

    so... Coach will get the shiny, kick a$$ bag back... but I may hang onto it for a while to see if the price drops even lower... by then, it will really make a shiny bag lovin' coachie's day when it shows up at the outlet.


    I should note, I still adore Coach and I still will probably resume loving Dawsonville but this one experience will probably make me opt to shop (at least for a little while) with Locust Grove which is closer, with fewer FP deletes and notoriously less than stellar customer service (but at least with them, I know what to expect).

    This experience also makes me really glad that tPF and awesome tPFers are around to help us all be more savvy shoppers (even when in pursuit of a kick a$$ shiny bag).

  2. =o( sorry that would really peeve me off too. esp cuz you are a VIP customer for sure. if it goes on sale for really cheap at the outlet, can you just buy another one and return the first one either at another store or in the boutique or something. good luck hope you get a goo deal
  3. I'm surprised, bearing in mind the amount you have spent there in the past few months, that they would not just go ahead and do the PA. Managers discrection and all that - hey that's why they are the mgr.

    I would return it also, so now they loose $$$ sale for the sake of much less $$'s. Makes no sense to me.
  4. Wow. That's really a bad business decision. It's only a few dollars to them now, but it would mean countless of dollars lost if you don't go back!
  5. ...said with such grace! :chatty:
  6. Are you sure the price didn't just drop? The reason I ask is my outlet SA called me about the sequin Claire, which I declined since I had gotten the sequin Audrey during PCE, but it was still full price and just the 20% coupon. Without coupon, of course, you could probably get the standard 20% off too, but it was NOT 30% off. I might have bought it had it been much more discounted.
  7. Baglady39-
    is it normal practice to offer full price on boutique stuff when it hits the outlets? A boutique Sa had mentioned they don't have sales, that's what the outlets are for. I'm just a little suspicious I guess. Makes me wonder if they offer the hot boutique deletes (full price at first chance) to those who frequent often(and spend a lot). Seems there are other expensive boutique deletes that are immediately offered at 30% off from the start.
    My 2 cents.
  8. ^^I think they have started doing that in some cases now. I was told they do it for sure when the bags are still considered "full price", but I recognize the same inconsistencies that you do too! I think they do what they want, lol, but I know they change prices on Thursdays, so that's why I was wondering. When I shopped at the outlet once I found a Claire that was also still full price, and it scanned that way. Same with a Bonnie bag back weeks ago and my amethyst Julianne. However, in the latter two cases, the manager said she didn't think it should be that way, so she overrode the system and gave me the 50% off for the Julianne and either 30-40% (whatever it was with the reg. Bonnie at the time) for the Bonnie chain tote. It may depend on the outlet and whatever accommodation they want to make, but they are supposed to be scanning it, which is where the price comes up. I'm trying to remember when I was called about the sequin Claire...I think it was like a day or so before the 20% coupon came out, so I was able to only get that 20% off if I wanted the bag. That bag is $1200, so I passed. But that's why I wondered if they had had time to change the prices. I know that once certain colors in styles become older, they usually get know, some of the Madison bags have been cheaper (or on 50%) than others.

    Anyway, I think the goal is to not block the sales at the outlets anymore. In other words, not to tell you they can't sell the bag because it's still on the website, but rather you can have the bag if you pay full price. There's some gray areas, though, because I know some have been deleted, but the prices still reflect fp store pricing, so I don't have a clue unless maybe it has to do with their weekly price adjustments! Or more likely, they are just inconsistent, lol! Regarding the standard 20% off of factory or full price, I was told in the past it's only been flagship outlets that always offered the 20%, but in fact, I've found every outlet I go to has offered that when it just comes up factory price or full price. I don't think they HAVE TO offer it, but to sell it, it makes sense to at least offer 20%. Otherwise, it just stays in the back for weeks/months and gets damaged. The employee discount is only off factory price, so that means it's typically cheaper for them to wait to purchase when we do on clearance.
  9. :shrugs:

    this is the only time that they have done full price for a piece i've bought... even the nubuck brooke was 30% then 20% when it was still available online and instore... when i asked the manager, she said, "the audrey's have BEEN 30% off" since they hit the outlets... she backpedaled a bit to say that she thought maybe they did full price because it shouldn't have been on the floor yet...

    i don't know... but i guess more than the price, the experience has tarnished the bag for me
  10. Bl39- thanks for sharing what you know. Nice to know that manager did the override. As far as I'm concerned, once the product hits the outlets, it should be offered at outlet prices. Disregarding if it's a current boutique item return. Not the "it's full price and and we're not suposed to even give you the 20% discount, but we'll do it.".
  11. ^^Yeah, I remember I paid around $300 plus coupon for my nubuck Brooke! I agree there's an inconsistency with pricing, but that's what I was told here. Even my local outlet still doesn't want to sell anything they THINK is on the website, lol. The inconsistencies really annoy the hell out of me with the outlets. I don't think every bag in the same line will all be the same price, least not typically. It will depend on deletion date, color, etc...or at least it has, but I guess with Audrey, this is the first run to the outlets. The Madison collection had several runs with Sabrinas, and each time, the older leftovers got marked down further. I don't know, but I just wanted to let you know that they offered the same deal to me with the Claire at a PA outlet! I'm sorry your experience was a bad one!!
  12. I forgot to also say that I believe my amethyst Julianne, the manager used the la (lavendar) color code to get the price adjustment. I'm not sure what happened with the Bonnie chain tote since I did a phone charge hold. So I guess I mean I'm not sure exactly what the override was...calling it something else or just adjusting the % off.
  13. Premium in Orlando had the sequined Claire with 30% off then 20% with the coupon this past weekend.
  14. thanks for the information, sympathy and for letting me whine, y'all

    in the end, perhaps i wasn't as in love with the bag as i had thought (shiny objects do have a way of catching my attention)... i had to deal with the crankiness of locust grove to even get the nubuck but i adore that bag and wouldn't consider returning it if there were reports of spontaneous combustion
  15. LOL, J! I love the nubuck too! Maybe if you can find out what the pricing was really supposed to be at that time. More than one outlet can give misinformation, so it might not hurt to even contact CS about this issue. The same thing happened to another member where she was charged too much, and she eventually got the discount after submitting a complaint. For me most of the time it's just too much trouble to write and complain, but I probably would if i wanted to keep the bag badly enough.