Please say hello to Quasi & Co!


Feb 17, 2006
No, Quasi isn't mine. She's cute. I once read someone's definition of cute as "ugly but adorable" - that's Quasi all right. :smile:

Etsy :: The Original UglyKitty Fund - Help Shelter Cats 2

In Quasi's owner's words:
A LOT people have asked about donating more so I thought I would give a few options. :smile:

The worlds cutest ugly kitty, Quasi!

Since a bunch of people have commented on how much they like the "UglyKitty" logo, i thought i might post a picture (or 3) of my inspiration. Hell, for $0.10, i think i can afford it.

i rescued her from a shelter about a year ago, and after spending two weeks under my bed, she finally came out of her shell and now won't leave me alone - and i love it

So here she is...!

p.s. my kitty is not for sale, i'd miss her wheezing next to me while i sleep too much.

****UPDATE: So i thought about this for a few minutes and thought: "What good does showing everyone a picture of my adorable cat really do?" So I've decided to list the "item" for $1.00 and donate what i raise to the Cool Cat's Rescue Center, a No-Kill adoption center in Annapolis - the shelter where I adopted Quasi.****

Shelter info: Cool Cats


Some other sellers on Etsy also donate part of their sale proceeds to animal shelters.

What any fashionista dachschund simply MUST have:
Etsy :: 2 Dollar Donation to Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago

Beneficiary: Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago

andymathis - vet by day
Etsy :: 2007 Calendar of Daily Paintings

Beneficiary: Old Dog Haven

Etsy :: Slip On Bandanas, small- support homeless animals

I don't know if my fave stray cat, Spotty will go bananas if I try to tie a rather dashing bandana round his neck.

Etsy :: starry moon earrings

Beneficiary: Elsie, one of luna's rescues (needs heartworm treatment)

Etsy :: St Bernard Magnets for Charity

Bernie-ficiary: Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation

Etsy :: Dog in Canoe Dalmatian Charity Art

Beneficiary: Save the Dalmatians

Love this button by button maker extraordinaire, thedogcoatlady:
Etsy :: i thought I rescued my dog, but in truth, he rescued me button

Wishing all animal lovers on tpf a Wonderful Christmas!