Please say hello to my NEW TAN PADDY!!!!!

  1. My sil just picked it up for me from Nordies and will be sending it tomo. I couldnt wait to see it so she took pictures for me. Here she is......

    P7250461.jpg P7250462.jpg P7250463.jpg
  2. Lucky you! Congrats!
  3. Ooooooh, very pretty. Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. enjoy! it looks cute on the polka dot nordie's bag:yes:
    that was sweet of her to take pics.
  5. awww it's gorgeous!!!!
    i so want a paddy...
    however, since i don't know much about chloe so pls forgive my newbie question...
    but it looks kinda small.... are there different sizes of paddington???
  6. Pretty!!! Always love the Paddy in tan, the launch color of the Paddington. Congrats on your purchase & I bet you cannot wait until it gets to you!
  7. It is gorgeous! Tan is a classic color and goes with just about everything. Did you get this on sale? Congrats!
  8. Yes I got it through a price match for $770! It supposidly the Med satchel. I can not wait to get it! Its too much to handle. I have a Betty coming for me t:huh:!
  9. Congrats on the Betty too! You'll have to post pics when you get it. What size and color?
  10. Wow what a great price! Congrats, she's fab! The tan is just classic! Congrats also on your new Betty! You are one busy bag-buyin girl, lol!
  11. I'm definitely no Chloe expert, but I know there's a baby paddy and a bigger paddy! Here's the link to the post where Star3777 models both of them so you can see the difference (she's a sweetheart & has such pretty things in her collection if u want to see the rest of it!!)

    And congrats on your beautiful new paddy Mavycakes!! I love the color.. it's TDF!
  12. thank you so much... that was such a good demonstration from Star3777...
    and i think i am in love... the paddy is soooooo cute... :love: i wonder how the leather feels like and how heavy it is....

    anyhooo, Mavycakes congrats! that's such a great bag... love the color... love everything about it!!
  13. Thanks everyone. From what my sister said...its a med. She has a red med paddy and its the same size. I thought it looked small too but she says its probably the angle she has it.

    I thought I was lucky to get it for $770 but when she picked it up for me..she loved it so much that she asked the sa if there was another same one that she could get for that price and the sa did a search and there was one more left in the same color! So we ended up getting the same bag for the 50% off price. Definately a score!

    I had another SA send me the betty from a store in OHIO and she described it as being tan so it might be the same color as this paddy. I hope not because I'd like to have a diff color too. Overall I'm just happy for my findings! Now if I can only get my hands on a baby blue paddy!!!! :biggrin:
  14. Mavycakes... did you say you got your paddy from Nordstrom??
    i just might have to move my lazy butt over there to check things out... :lol:
  15. Yes I got it from Nordies but they price matched to a boutique for me