Please say hello to Ms. Wine Love Me!

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    Hello everyone! Just to think a couple of months ago I discovered the wonderful world of BE! I am now the proud owner of a black crash and petrol TME but today my love extended to the wine LM! Thanks for all the help I received here! It is amazing how everyone is so willing to help! BE LM4.jpg

    BE LM5.jpg BE LM2.jpg BE LM sm-res1.jpg
    BE LM3.jpg View attachment 655094
  2. BE LM7.jpg

    BE LM6.jpg Wow! ^Sorry about the strange placement of the pics!
  3. Oh, it's very pretty! Congrats. How do you like the LM compared to the TME?

  4. Beautiful!!! I keep seeing all of these wine BE's and now the color is on my list. Enjoy it.
  5. Charmed, Thank you and thanks for super sizing my pic!
    I think the LM is a bit edgier. I love the hardware and zippers; however, I am not in love with no closure and the middle divider. LOVE the style and leather though!

    Calibaggal, Thanks! I love the wine!
  6. Gorgeous!!! Love how the wine looks on the Love Me! Congrats!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous. I am in really falling in love with the wine color!
  8. she's such a beauty!
  9. I absolutely LOVE the Wine glossy!
  10. Hey you are my bag twin but your bag looks 10x more glamorous than mine in your wonderful photos. Isn't the Wine LM with gold hardware simply brilliant! I must get mine out for another run very soon.
  11. I have a Wine Love Me, too (although with silver HW; I seem to have a gold problem) YOURS is simply GORGEOUS!! It is divine! It IS hard to capture the wine color in pics, isn't it?? IT's a under-rated color and one of my FAVES!! Congrats on your beauty!!
  12. that bag is gorgeous! I noticed in one of your pics that you have the shoulder strap underneath the bag -- do you carry it this way or is it just for the photo? I think it's smart that way you can change the way you carry it easily.

    And it's the new adjustable strap, right?
  13. Enjoy your beautiful LM! You're quite talented with bag photography!
  14. :ty:Everyone!
    Jenova,I do love the gold hardware on the wine! I wasn't totally positive about it at first, but now I really like how it really gives the bag some pizazz! My others have silver, so this is a nice change.

    Jenny, I agree! The color does change, depending on the lighting. I :heart:silver hardware and think the contrast against the wine would be gorgeous!

    finzup, It is the new adjustable strap. I decided to adjust the strap and make it shorter to wrap around the bag. You are right, that way I can change it pretty easily and have it with me. I love the new strap! After I got this one I ordered a petrol and black crash messenger strap for my TME's.

    citychris, Thanks! I just bought a new camera and enrolled in a photography course in February!
  15. Congratulations... that's a gorgeous bag!