Please say a couple of prayers

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  1. So I noticed yesterday that my kitty whom is 18 years old hasn't eaten in two days. She is very lethargic and not herself at all and her little nose is so dry. I am taking her to the vet this morning and hoping for the best but I've been crying all morning. I was going to call for an appointment but since I'm sure they will do bloodwork and need to keep her for the day I'm just going to walk in when they open at 8...
  2. You poor thing - I completely understand how you must be feeling. It could be the vet will give her fluids and you'll see an immediate improvement - you're doing the right thing getting her over there as soon as the surgery opens. Holding many good thoughts for your girl. You will both be in my prayers.
  3. Prayers for your kitty. Let us know how she's doing.
  4. Thanks ladies.. I took her in this morning and they gave her some fluids and took bloodwork. The doc is very concerned about kidney failure. He said hyperthyroidism and diabetes are things they worry about but she's a smaller cat anyways (she's usually 9lbs today she was 7) and her heart rate was fine. Hell call me tomorrow with the results so for now, she's at home while I'm at work and I hate it..

  5. You'll be counting the hours until you're back home with her. If her heart rate is fine, that's good news! Fingers crossed for her results...
  6. Sending prayers and healing thoughts for your sweet baby. I hope she is ok.
  7. is so hard when our babies grow old. Hopefully the fluids will help and it is something that is manageable. I have an old guy who isn't going to get better, but we just go on day by day. Hugs to you and your kitty
  8. So sorry to hear this. I will be thinking of you and your kitty.
  9. It is.. I've had her for more than half my life.. And we've been through everything together. Its difficult to imagine life without her.. I think that's what makes me the saddest.
  10. Sorry to hear that your kitty is not well. Keeping you in my thoughts Theren :sunshine:
  11. Received a call from the doctor.. kidneys, thyroid, and glucose are good.. Calcium is high which is indicative of cancer so who knows.. Starting her on an antibiotic and antiinflammatories to see how she handles it
  12. sending good thoughts for your kitty; hoping if they find cancer it is removable...
  13. Good to hear that kitties blood work came back ok... Are they doing further tests to confirm cancer? :balloon:
  14. I'm supposed to follow back up in 3 to 5 days. As of today she still isn't eating. My dh and I talked and honestly I don't want to put her at 18 years old through surgery and biopsies and stuff like that.. Its selfish to put her through that all for what maybe another six months or so?

    If she still isn't better by Friday I'm going to talk to the doc and ask him what he would do...
  15. I completely understand. My cat Vincent is having his eye removed tomorrow, he has glaucoma, and it is more distressing for us, than him. But if it turns out to be cancer as the cause, that is as far as we will take it with regard to medical procedures. He is 13 so I do hope he will have a bit longer with us. Please let us know what Friday brings for your sweet girl. Big hugs to your family. :hugs: