Please save my Sevens!?

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  1. So my little pomeranian got a little crazy a while back and chewed some holes into 2 pairs of my Seven jeans. If they were cheap I would've just tossed them out, but I would hate to lose them (I loooove them). Any ideas on how to fix them?

    the tears/holes are in the back near my lower butt area.. I took them to my regular alterationist but she said she cant fix them.

    should i keep trying to save them or just throw them away?
  2. Are you handy with a needle and thread? Got some extra denim? Good!

    I wore a hole into my favorite pair of Paiges... right on the butt. Now, I'm not going to throw away my fave pair of jeans just because of a li'l old hole! I had some extra denim left over from when I made some cutoffs, but if you don't have any you can always head to a thrift store and get some cheap jeans to cut up. Anyway, cut out a square patch (big enough to cover the hole) and pin it behind the hole. Stitch a box around the hole in embroidery floss (you can either match the color or pick a new one) and tie it off. Then take another length of thread and stitch around the hole, following the general shape of the hole. Tie it off and enjoy!

    Whatever you do, don't try to sew up the holes. Works best just to patch it. I can also post some pics if you like.
  3. ^^ great idea... but i cant sew.

    does youtube have training sewing videos? haha.. i will try it though. but i do have some extra denim! he ate a hole bigger than his face into a pair of my ANONAME jeans... so i can use that.. thanks for the recommendation.. i will try and let you know how it goes.

    ohhh question...

    is the patch noticeable? or should i just not care?
  4. I don't know how well it works but there is a "no sew" glue like thing that people use on their hems sometimes. Maybe you could put it on a patch and "glue" it to your hole.
  5. Google Denim Doctors- they supposedly work miracles on damaged jeans!
  6. if the holes are small and you just want to make sure that the jeans aren't going to rip any larger, you can go to walmart/target and get iron on denim patches. iron them on the inside and they will work as a reinforcement. they are like $2 for a pack of 3.
  7. i wouldn't recommend denim doctors. the way that they fix it would make it more noticeable and you wouldn't want to draw more attention to that area.

    even the denim patch thing mentioned above won't make it last forever... so i'd be on the lookout for a new pair soon!
  8. Just buy a new one and recycle the old ones as cut-offs shorts... great for beach wears.
  9. I would get rid of them and buy a new pair.
  10. This will work for the short term. The patches are actually rather strong and will last awhile. They are surprisingly not that noticeable from the outside either.

    I did this to a pair of my SFAM that ripped in the inner thigh area.

    Unfortunately, the holes I ripped were large - I had tried to patch them with denim first, then my sister ripped them again ice skating, and by the time I tried the iron-on patches the holes were very big. The patches made the jeans very stiff, even after I washed them several times the jeans are not comfy anymore so I never wear them.

    But yeah, if the holes are small, iron on patches will save them!
  11. lovely. haha i cant sew so a iron on patch would be a lot easier to do.

    i have other pairs of jeans but i thought trying to save them would be better than getting a new pair. such a waste of money ;[ im trying to be thrifty. haha
  12. Do you know what department in target they are located? My heels tore a hole through the bottom of my new paiges on the first wear! I guess that's what I get for not hemming. Though now I'm not sure if they can even hem them now. =(
  13. This is different, but in the inner thigh area, mine wore and I patched them from the inside b/c they are my favorite jeans. I don't wear them much anymore but it worked at least so that people didn't see my skin/underpants.
  14. they should be in the sewing dept. walmart is cheaper than target and my target doesn't always carry them. i don't know how well they will work for a heel hole near the hem. you can still hem them, but it won't look as nice.