Please respond if you have a vernis reade

  1. Dear LV Obsessors:

    I have been admiring the vernis reade, but I never buy a bag that does not have a zipper closure. I have always been afraid of losing accessories and their contents.

    How much can you fit in the bag, and is there any way to keep it closed?

    I just purchased a vernis houston with some accessories. I have not carried it yet. It is in amarante. I have been waiting to receive all of the matching accessories before carrying it.

    The reade could be a nice weekend going out bag that I could use the accessories I already purchased with it.

    Thank you for your responses.
  2. I have owned two Reade PM's in the past. I sold both because they reminded me of small lunch bags.. and with the open top, things spill out at the slightest lurch. They are also quite small.
    Now the Reade MM might be another story.. I have never had one.. but one downside I remember a friend saying was that the leather buckled near the bottom because it is so long (tall) and you are always searching for stuff in the bottom.
    Sorry my post isn't more encouraging.. it may not be the bag for me.. but it just might be the one for you!
  3. If you want a vernis bag with a zipper closure maybe you'd prefer the Bellevue PM?
  4. I had a reade and sold it as well. I didn't like the open top. It's a cute bag, but it doesn't fit much either.
  5. The Reade is cute even though it's not very practical. Nice for a 'going-out' bag when you don't necessarily need practicality. I tend to carry 'pretty' things in mine such as make-up that's as pretty to look at as it is to use, a matching vernis wallet, key ring, etc, cell phone and perhaps a pretty container of mints. That way, anyone who can't help themselves from peaking into my bag, gets a look at some nice eye-candy too! I even like to steal peeks inside all evening just to see all the pretty goodies inside! lol! Make that open top work for you!
  6. I had two (bronze and amarante) and returned one (the amarante). I really like the size and shape of the Reade. It holds a lot for its small size and can be dressed up or down. I don't have a problem with the open top.
  7. i really wish the MM wasnt so long and awkward. anyway. i think the open top is very nice on that bag. it works! its just the size that doesnt. :sad: too small for everyday.
  8. I have the reade in marshmallow? (the light pink from a few years back) and to be honest with you, I am probably going to sell it...It is rather small and the open top is a factor for me too...I can't remember the last time I used it.
  9. I have the read in Lavendre, and to be honest, I've never worn her. I got the lavendre cles, so I could attach it, because of the open top, but if you were concerned, then there is a chain now you can buy which would attach a purse to the bag.

    I still think she's really pretty, and doubt if I'll be getting rid any time soon...

    Have you tried one on in your store? Walk around with one and see how you feel??

    Good luck!

  10. Had PM in marshmallow but sold it. Too small and the straps made it a
    hand hold bag only, which I didn't like for going out (especially with the open top).
  11. here you go, not the best bag for everyday.

    this bag is small. so unless you a smaller wallet, cell, keys this bag isnt for you.
    Also the handles are very short, so if you have a bigger hand wrist its going to make carrying it on your wrist harder.
    [​IMG] Indigo...


    As you can see its going to be a struggle to get the wallet out....

    Also using the search is great. this was a thread just talked about a few days ago.

  12. It is small so for me it's more like a cute accessory to complete my outfit. Normally I use it when I go for Sunday brunch with dh and the kids. My daughter has already claimed it as her own so I have to keep it, lol. Here's a pic.