please report

  1. Ok it might be too late but could someone pelase help me report this wacko!

    I noticed that this guy/girl had all these bags on eBay.

    I'm not worried she's selling fakes - I don't think she's actually going to follow through on selling anything. She has tons of these - all ending at the same time, all the same wording and all using copied pics - none of the bags she's supposedly selling.

    I'm contcating eBay but I thought if someone else did too that would be great.
    ID is [​IMG]mojoflys[​IMG]

    eBay store here: eBay Seller: mojoflys: Fragrances, Health Beauty items on

  2. Done;)
  3. I tried to, but the ebay web-site is acting up.
  4. This may be better in the eBay forum.. :yes: !

    I can't believe how many sellers this involves!

    I am not sure what's going on here but
    The same scam is being run by a number of ID #'s
    All of these members are using the exact same pictures, same wording (there are 3 or 4 variations in the wordings) and running this scam.

    Here are the ID's I found all doing this together:

    WOW eh! I can't believe there are this many.
    If you go to Ebay - look up Louis Vuitton Bags and then sort by 'ending soonest' you can then see them grouped together by price -- one seller has a bunch for $45 another for $61 etc.
  6. I know I'm a bit to late to help in reporting this scum bucket..but did anyone else notice how this person got the 100% feedback they have??:confused1:

    Every single feedback posted for this nutjob was from a .01 (thats one CENT) auction...with FREE shipping no doubt.:wtf:

    Sad...people who are scammed by these loosers probably do not take the time to look at the feedback..:s

    I wish Ebay would do more to stop these types of criminals...:cursing:
  7. Hi!
    I'm new, and I wonder if I'm being scammed?? I bought an Louis Vuitton Alma #220027337682 from calebsmommy0619, the number in the inside pocket is V-17689. Can anyone out there give me some help. I filed a claim, because I had trouble getting the merchandise, now I wonder if it's fake or original I only have until the 19th.
  8. That date code seems very wrong. according to most guides on Ebay, the above code would mean this bag was made in the 78th month of 1969 or 2069. And the date code should be heat stamped like this VI7689, not V-17689.
  9. Yup, Lushbaby is right. The date code is wrong. Quick, file a Paypal claim!!
  10. Agree with never-enough-LV, one need to dig to the roots of each seller's rating before click the Bid button, sometimes I feel I can be a private investigator from all the intense 'research' of seller....Those waco sellers are getting more and more tricky to catch!:cursing:

    I almost bid on a pair of classic Chanel earring because the seller had a portion of 'receipt' on one of the pic, and the seller have over 1k+ transactions. But as the seller refuse to send me a picture of the receipt, I noticed the seller use the Exact same listing just a month ago, not even a word change.....apparently seller have several version listings for her 'last pair of Authentic Chanel earring on Ebay!"
  11. Nyria, I bet some of the accounts you listed were hijacked. The owners of the accounts messed up somehow and the scammer got a hold of the password and took the account over to post the fakes. Go back and check the accounts, bet a lot of them don't have any current or closed listings of the fakes you saw.

    It happens every weekend. One day low BIN auctions to get the flea market fake buyers. YUCK! Ebay closes them down and cancels the listings. You can report the account stolen and with one report take over a hundred counterfeits off ebay!

    Sure is a waste of my valuable shopping time.

    Have you used You put the seller's name in and the negs and neutrals get pulled up. Then you make sure there is no mention of 'fake' and all that stuff. You can check if a seller knows what they are selling with a title search, put in a key word and seller's name.
  12. This is the typical newest Ebay scam. they are doing it all over Ebay and it's a massive undertaking by the people doing it. They are stealing other users names and listing tons of things. They are doing it with the balenciaga bags too. They steal other people's names, steal the pictures and text from legitimate auctions, and list it. I don't know why Ebay's security can't see this, but the don't and they never get removed unless people start calling them of the person whose account was hijacked notices it. Ebay is very dangerous for buyers. Buyer beware that's for darn sure. :yes:
  13. Oddly enough, I have seen this before! I was looking at something that was an obvious fake(this has been a few months ago) and it had a lot of bids, that were getting high. The buyers were new and the auction was about to end. I emailed ebay and the buyers to let them know they were bidding on a fake, and when I checked to see how the feedback rating was on this person, I noticed the same thing. I ton of 1 cent auctions with positive feedback. People are the biggest flippin losers! I want to say it was a fuschia vernis LV that was never actually made or something of that nature ,but I cannot remember. I just remember the situation. THOSE JERKS MAKE ME TIRED!!!:cursing: not to mention one of them used my account to list 2 DeLoreans yesterday!!!!!
  14. I would really LOVE to close my ebay account. This is nuts.