Please report this!!

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  1. Hi guys!

    Ok, normally I quietly report the fake auctions to Ebay, and then look the other way (because they never do anything about it anyway...and it makes me mad). However, this one is now REALLY bugging me!! As someone just posted a few days ago on this forum, this is the second time this bag has been on...and the seller is still trying to sell this disgusting fake!! It's even worse now because she's added a couple of pics with a dust bag and care card to try to keep this listing from being pulled (I suspect she was contacted by Ebay regarding the auth. of the item). Please help someone from becoming a victim of fraud by reporting this. I think Ebay pulls the listing after a certain number of people report it...and I have been reporting this daily for several days now to no avail. TIA!!

    Actually, if you want to be sick and/or chuckle, read the entire listing! It is why would you bother to condition pleather??? It will also be "preserved" again before she sends it out. And the ONLY ONE like it on Ebay??? THANK GOODNESS!!! :roflmfao:
  2. That so sad, i reported it
  3. I reported it too
  4. Thanks so much! :flowers:
  5. I reported it and I sent a message to the seller, "There isn't another one like this on ebay because it is fake!" haha can't wait to see the message back.

  6. Good for you! Thanks!! :tup:

    Be careful about contacting sellers directly, though, as Ebay once told me that's against policy. If the seller reports you to Ebay, they could decide to do something like a temp suspension. I don't usually care if I'm buying only, but a seller has to worry about that more.

    I guess it's possible she doesn't know, but I kind of doubt it!
  7. there's a thread for fakes in the Coach Shopping Forum please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.