Please report this fake to ebay

  1. ugh... I report a lot of the fakes that I see on eBay.... They don't always get pulled. I'm not sure what criteria they are using! :confused1:
  2. i tend to put the bags i report on watch. so far, not one that i have noticed has been pulled. then, all these chanel beauties that i know are authentic get pulled like a turkey leg on thanksgiving.
  3. Just reported it. Hopefully it will be removed.
  4. OMG. Its still there. eBay makes no sense. They pull listing for authentic baga and harrass reputable sellers but let these fakes go on.

    I don't get it
  5. I don't understand their criteria, either. They have posted guides for how to identify a fake, but don't seem to use this information themselves... :sad:
  6. i just reported it too.
  7. I reported it too. eBay is stupid since it's still up.
  8. I just reported it also..I don't get why they take authentic things down and leave the most obvious fakes up.
  9. Reported both! :biggrin:
  10. Bleh..I reported both also :yucky:
  11. reported them! Ebay sucks!
  12. I reported both and both are still up...ugh!