Please recommend true red nail polish's

  1. hey everyone
    do u think u can recommend some good true red nail polish??? i'm open to any brand and i want them to be shimmer free

    thanks in advance:tup:
  2. Chanel Fire!
  3. OPI's Quarter of a Cent-Cherry. I love it!
    Vodka & Caviar from OPI's Russian collection looks like it would be a great red as well but I've never tried it.
  4. I like OPI's St Petersburgundy. With 2 coats, it's a true, blue-based red. Nothing burgundy about it at all!!
  5. OPI's got the blues for red, hmmm do you want ones with a bit of shimmer in them too? cause those can look nice sometimes....
  6. Revlon Red is really good, that is actually the name
  7. another vote for Chanel fire engine red!!! I love it :smile:
  8. [​IMG]
    the thrill of brazil

    just painted my toes with it!
  9. ^^In nail competitions you have to use a true red with no shimmer or glitter. Loads of nail technicians opt for OPI The Thrill of Brazil.
  10. thanks girls. The reason i really want it cuz in last weeks cashmere mafia one of the actresses was wearing red polish without shimmer and it looked sooooooo pretty so i will have to check all the ones u recommended. Thanks a ton
  11. for those of u recommending fire by chanel do u happen to have any pics wearing it or even a bottle picture??? cuz the ones on the site are not accurate.
  12. another goody is MAC's shirelle, on the website it doesnt look that red, but ive got it on at the moment, and its a bright bright red!
  13. oooo i feel like i won the 'post the proper colour of red' competition!:woohoo:
  14. Ditto!!

    This one is a real true red with no shimmer! And last such a long time! :yes: