Please recommend leave-in conditioner

  1. Hey girls, do you feel leave-in conditioner works better than rinse-off conditioner? Could you please recommend a brand of leave-in conditioner for me? THANKS!!
  2. My hairdresser says that with my type of hair (thick, long, wavy) it's better to use a leave-in conditioner. Another advantage is that it will save you the extra rinsing in the shower. I personally use various drugstore brands (Garnier serum, Dove, Etos), and when travelling a mini tube of Charles Worthington conditioner (orange tube).

    I have tried the Nivea brunette conditioner and it was horrible.
  3. Thank YOUUUUU, amelie! :idea:
  4. I would use both, especially if you have curly hair.

    I use the Aveda line. So demage remedy treatment condition, and then I will use abit of the Elixer leave in condition afterwards on the bottom half of my hair.
  5. I have tried alot and I find that the Bumble and Bumble Repair line is the absolute best. It changed my hair. I used the shampoo/conditioner and also the leave in and it was wonderful. The only downside is its expensive.
  6. I use both, I use Kenra products. I use the moisturizing rise off conditioner, and the spray leave on conditioner.
  7. I use John Frieda leave in
  8. Thank you for these wonderful ideas, ClickFive, Luv2BuyBags, GlamDiva, Hi-ClassBaby!!!!
  9. I use Kerastase.
  10. I use infusium. Cheap and it does the job!!
  11. Ive used so many leave-ins
    But the best ive tried is Schwarzkopf Total Repair 19 Quick Fix Spray Treatment (phew! thats long!)

    It costs about $7 a bottle! :yahoo: And its way better then the expensive salon gear ive bought!

    I use it everyday, by spritzing all over my hair before blowdrying.


    id recommend giving this one a go before you invested in something a bit more expensive
  12. I also use leave in conditioner....I have been for a few years now. I love saving the extra time in the shower. It works great for me and it doesn't feel like it weighs down my hair.
  13. Same here but now it is extremely difficult to find this line, I plan to give Davines a try.
  14. I use Aussie's. Cheap, easy to find, and it works like a charm on my thick, curly hair.
  15. My hair stylist gave me a little secret--she doesn't buy the salon products for leave-in conditioner. Aussie or Infusium-23 all the way baby! They're cheap and do wonders for my hair.
    Buy two different ones because it helps to alternate.