Please Recommend Double Stroller

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    My son will be 30 months when my new baby comes. Please recommend a double stroller for us.

    I am thinking of Joovy. Give me some idea.


    VT Pooh
  2. Depends on if you want a tandem or side by side? I personally like the B ready or Uppababy Vista with rumble seat for tandem or Bumbleride Indie Twin for side by side
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    I've done a ton of research on this subject...once two years ago and again just recently. :smile: I have a two month old and a two and a half year old that use the double currently.

    We initially went with a side by side-the Baby Jogger Mini City Double for my older two. It was great (I even took it running pretty regularly) but the side by side is difficult in small spaces like does fit through a standard doorway but its still hard to just glide right through due to the width factor, plus my two year old has gotten his fingers smashed a few times because he was either resting them on the edge or sticking his arm out and we didn't see. After a couple years of all of that, we decided to research other brands with the new baby. After a lot of test drives we settled on the Baby Jogger City Select with the extra seat.
    I like it because you can switch around the seats, its durable, doesn't tip (prob we had with the City Mini and the Bumbleride Indie Twin that we tried), and easily converts to a single stroller...I guess I just like options. Super smooth ride and I can easily maneuver with one hand plus they have a lifetime warranty. Amazon, Baby Gizmo, Strollerqueen, and a few other sites were super with reviews and you tube videos of various brands. Granted I did like the cool look of a lot of others or the colors they came in, but the City Select is pretty sleek and in the end, function and ease were the deciding factors especially since I would be using it at times when DH is not around to help me with it.

    Are you looking for something to take running or just for everyday life? The Bob double and Mountain Buggy are great too.
  4. Wow you are a library of carriage/stroller information. You should start a blog. :biggrin:
  5. I had no idea you were expecting again. Congratulations!!! Good luck finding the right stroller!!
  6. Thanks! Yes, it is coming alone.
  7. Baby Jogger City Series double
  8. Yay VT Pooh! Congrats! We have the Easy Walker and it comes in a double, called the Duo. I LOVE this stroller! If you go to their website it will show you all the different configurations for the Duo with a bassinet or a car seat while other child sits in stroller comfortably.
  9. Phil and Teds Vibe. I have it and LOVE it! It is a very easy push (I can push it with 1 hand with my two kids in it and they are 4 and 2) and it turns on a dime.It has large tires so you can use it in the snow or on rough terrain without an issue. It holds upto 55lbs in the front seat and 33lbs in the back. It is light and easy for me to move it from the car trunk. It folds flat and can go even smaller by popping the wheels off. The back seat comes off so when you outgrow the need for a double it is still functional as a single stroller.
    Cons - Folding the stroller is a process, it is a couple of steps and you do have to practise it a couple of times to get the hang of it. It doesn't have a lot of storage space, the basket is small but you can buy bags for the side of the frame. It wasn't a huge issue for me, I just learned to pack lighter. The sunshade is great for the child in the front, but not as good for the baby in back, I just bought an after market universal sunshade to clip on to the back seat.
  10. baby planet double.
  11. i have a joovy ultralight- i am kind of a stroller whore. i have had many, and i still have a small collection. if i had to keep one, it would be the joovy ultralight. I LOVE THIS ONE. It has grown with my family so well. It is light, easy to push, comfortable, not huge at all, and now that my oldest is 5, she uses the step/seat only when she is really wiped out.

    i have an ironman marathon double, but my older daughter doesn't like going for long walks, so it doesn't get the use I thought it would.

    gl and congrats!!!

  12. I have my eye on Joovy Ultralight as well. I currently have two strollers, one is Maclaren and one Maxo Cosi. I use the Maclaren most of time since it is light. I think I would use them if I go out with my husband, but he works every other weekend, so I will have two kids on my hands. And I usually go to the mall or somewhere inside. I won;t even take him to the outlet if only myselft going. Do you think the Joovy Ultralight would be my best choice?

    I look all the suggestion, I love them all, but they require more work to seperate them and then put the stroller to my car. Do you ladies agree?
  13. no, baby planet's double is like a strong-umbrella model, so it just requires you stepping on a latch and it'll collapse on itself.
  14. The Phil and Teds Vibe does not need to be seperated to fold it. It is Phil and Teds only model that folds with the second seat still attached. That being said it is not a one step fold, it has a couple of steps involved and it does take a couple of tries to master it. I can fold mine down in about 30 seconds or so and unfold it in the same amount of time. It folds down as small as any full size single stroller because the second seat folds under the first seat. I think it is 24 lbs with the second seat attached and like I said before it is easy for me to lift in and out of the trunk or back of the van.
    My favorite thing about this stroller is the longivity of it. My middle child can still sit in the back seat (he is 46inches tall) mind you he doesn't have a ton of room in it but when needed it still works. My youngest (36 inch almost 3 year old) fits in the back no problem. Now that I don't need the second seat for everyday the stroller is a great single by taking the second seat off (very easily done).