Please recommend an Intro Chanel for me!

  1. Hello all! I am a lurker, now a first-poster in the lovely Chanel forum. I am trying to mix up my bag collection a bit so it's not all LV and Balenciaga. I have owned two Chanels- a classic 2.55 double-flap and a caviar pink shoulder bag. I sold both of them as they simply didn't suit me. Here's what I'm looking for:
    -Lambskin (unless it rips easily, I want this to last!)
    -Can hold all of my stuff, I prefer a shoulder bag/tote rather than handheld
    -Looks youthful and contemporary...the reason I sold my other two was simply that I thought the style didn't suit me. I'm more of a jeans and ballet flats kind of gal
    -No in-your-face logos. I don't mind having the logo the same colour as the bag or as the closure, but I'm not crazy about the white-on-black giant double-Cs that I've seen (no offense to anyone, just personal taste!)
    -Doesn't have to be a brand-new style. I am open to older ones too!
    TIA Chanel experts:heart: !
  2. What do you think of the black on black large cambon tote (the bucket style)? Also check out the modern chain and the vintage ligne totes on the reference thread... Those are very hip but classic lines.
  3. Ooo, thanks! I'm going to check those out right now! I'm still learning all of the new lingo;)
  4. Also check out the new baby coco cabas. super hot right now!!
  5. Ooo, I love that Baby Cabas! Is the leather version lambskin? Is it really soft? I am such a leather snob...:P
    I also really always held a torch for the black-on-black Cambon bucket tote. Is there somewhere I can see measurements of the three sizes of that bag?
    Is the interior hot pink on those ones?
    Thanks so much for your help:smile:
  6. Since you like the Balenciaga Day, and based on your requirements, I recommend you look into the following:
    - Square Vintage Tote
    - Outdoor Messenger Tote
    - Luxury Tote
    - Cambon Tote as recommended above
    - Baby Cabas as recommended above
    - Modern Chain (the chain may be too in-your-face for you, but check it out)
    - Grand Shopping Tote
    None of these are in lambskin leather, because lambskin is extremely delicate, and I wouldn't recommend it for daily use. They are made of either caviar, goatskin or deerskin, which are much more durable. Have fun looking at the pictures!
  7. Welcome to Chanel! I think the ideas the other members have posted are great. Have fun on your quest, some of think that is half the fun!
  8. baby cabas in khaki, looks fab w/jeans
  9. The Medallion tote is a classic, & you can dress it up or down IMO. Also, the Grand or Petite Shopping totes are great choices as well :yes: If you can get your hands on a Baby Cabas go for it!!
  10. Welcome to Chanel! The other ladies have given you lots of great ideas. Let us know what you decide to get.
  11. Yes, this is the one with the pink interior. Here is a picture of the largest size...I am about 5'3" and a size 2 for comparison. :smile: sorry only have the beige one to show! I had the black one too and that one is much more discreet;)
    cambon tote_1.jpg
  12. Thank you all so much! Looks like I have some research to do- but it really is half the fun!
    Macp6- Does the tote you're wearing have a closure on top?
  13. Yes, this tote zips closed. It really is a great bag. I had it in tan and black but sold them only because I also have the cambon reporter in the same colors. :shame: