please recommend a watch <=250$

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  1. don't uasally wear watch but need it for occasionally giving talks ( around 3 times a week), I have tiny wrist but medium hands, 5'5'' tall and skinny. 25 years old.
    it must be easy read, I once thought about classic roman numbers but, well, not working for me. Please help me&#65292; thanks!
  2. I bought a Citizen watch for under $200 once. It's a very good watch and very pretty.
  3. My Bulova was $150 but that was 7 years ago. I am sure you can get one around that price now. Few more brands that are good and in that price range that I can think of are


    I recently bought 2 kenneth Kole watches from costco. A brown leather strapped one for $20 and a stainless stell with blue dial for $35
  4. Thank you ladies! I checked and there were so many brands and I didn't know which one to go, now I am going to check the ones you recommend. will the case diameter around 20 millimeters easy to read?
  5. I love my Bulova diamond watch. It was originally lik 500 but I got it for 150 at
  6. Citizen has some very nice watches in that price range if not under. Look for Citizen Eco Drive watches, they don't take batteries. i have had one for about 4 years now and it runs great.
  7. You can also try Fossil watches.. most are under the $175 range!
  8. Michael Kors has some great looking watches, and they are around the $200 range.

    I got the legacy python watch on ebay for $100 and I don't know how I could have ever lived without it! They have such cute designs and they're made by Movado, so they are super good quality.
  10. wow I had no idea they were made by Movado ! How did you find that out or does it say it on the watch ?
  11. I really like the michael kors watches!!
  12. I'd like to know too. I had no idea they were Movado-made!
  13. wow ! Thanks for the info. It kind of justifies their higher prices for me that it is not just a label but a quality watch company ! They are cute, do you have a picture of your watch ?
  14. Yup, I can get pics a bit later. I love mine to pieces. Funny story, I went to the coach store with a friend, and I was carrying my LV Neverfull. I was browsing the jewelry section, and the sales person comes up to me and goes "I love your bag." I pulled up my sleeve to look at a bracelet, and the sales person nearly flipped out when she spotted my watch. I thought it was hilarious because I looked like **** (hoodie+jeans).

    Anyway, back on topic. The legacy watches are $350, which is out of your budget, but I think they are worth it. You can also look on eBay for one for a little less, probably for less than $250.