Please recommend a LV wallet...

  1. First LV wallet purchase. I like the French purse but, it does not have enough credit card slots. The koala wallet is cute but, I tend to put receipts in my wallet so I am not sure it will close if I do so.

    Can you recommen a good everyday wallet? Oh and BTW I do not like the porte international wallet. I know it is popular. I think it is to big and bulky. TIA
  2. i put receipts in my koala all the time. there is a pocket behind the cc slots, you can put them in with the bills, or you can just put them in and close it, (which is what i do) and they don't fall out, especially if you're going to get bills (the folding keeps the bills in).
  3. I have the pochette and it's adorable!! I love it!!
  4. i was going to recommend PTI :P , but then i read your last line ha ha ha...
    i go fro french purse for 2nd opt
  5. What's the difference between a wallet and a billfold&credit card slots?
  6. If I were to get one today, I would get the koala, it's so cute.
  7. Wow, looking at that price just made my stomach sink, thinking that I paid $435 almost a year ago for the same one:wtf:
  8. I use the monogram canvas cigarette case to carry my bills and a metal cigarette case to carry my coins.

    I figure, if I had the $400, I'd much rather put it towards a really cute clutch, or something.

    (And I can easily switch them from my Mongram Speedy to my Cerise Pouchette).
  9. I think the zippy is great because you can put your receipts in it without folding them for the most part. Plus you can keep your checkbook in it, money and credit cards, plus some other stuff because it has 2 gusseted pockets.
  10. Koala all the way! *Hopefully I'll be able to get mine from the white multicolore collection by the end of summer! WOOHOO!!!*
  11. Another for the koala, I think it still has enough room for your needs. And it's gorgeous, in all incarnations (I'm partial to the white MC though !).
  12. Koala~~~!!!
  13. I have a mono koala and absolutely adore it.