Please recommend a HH bag for me?

  1. I'm looking to purchase a Hayden Harnett bag that will double as my work bag. I only carry a these items to work:

    • 6 to 8 Folders
    • notepad
    • wallet
    • PDA
    • cellphone
    I prefer tote style bags but I just don't know what to get. Can someone help me out?

  2. What about the Hudson Triple strap satchel? Nice size for what you are carrying, but not too big. Both shoulder strap and hand held. The Vachetta is on sale today. May be a bit light colored for fall but I am using it year round. Other colors are beautiful but not on sale - at least not according to current web info.
  3. I agree with the triple strap satchel! It's fantastic and professional looking as well. I was just looking at the new catalog they emailed me, and so many of their bags are absolutely drool-worthy. You can't go wrong with HH!
  4. How about the Dominique satchel? Right now, it's not on their sale webpage, but it may pop up during their sale that ends Sept. 10.
    It's a totally different look than the Hudson triple strap and the leather is different. The Dominique is lambskin with lots of exterior pockets that are very practical/useful and it will definitely hold all that you've mentioned. It can be a tote or it will fit comfortably on the shoulder. It's square shape will soften a bit with use. My elderly uncle calls it my contemporary attache' case....cute :yes:
    Hope you find something to your liking....
  5. It isn't a bag that can double as a purse, but I love my HH catalina laptop bag that I use for work. The leather is incredibly soft and it has the functionality of a briefcase without looking too stuffy.
  6. I was just going to say this! The Catalina is beautiful. So much so that I would carry it as a bag, even though it is huge.