Please recommend a great RED wallet to me :)

  1. I can't believe how hard it is to find a good RED wallet. I've searched many websites only to find that the red wallet that they have doesn't suit my needs (or budget). I would like to spend less than $350 total (ideally less than 300), and it needs to have a section to put coins. Also, I would like a smaller wallet, nothing too huge. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your input :smile:
  2. I really like the red Epi, but I feel like LV doesn't have the proper size wallet with enough functionality for me. The Ludlow and Coin Purse are quite small, but you can barely put anything in there. I think my cles fits more than those wallets. The bigger wallets are all too big or too expensive. :sad: Maybe I should just buy a red Epi cles? :idea:
  3. How about this wallet?
    Longchamp Wallet.JPG
  4. i use my lv mc cles for some times before i finally purchased a mc PTI. the cles can fits my cards & some paper money.

    the longchamp wallet is cute too :P
  5. i think any wallet from epi line in red is gorgeous
  6. where are u from??

    check this out, i have it, and it's awesome, they have it in a small size as well...
  7. A little OT, but Longchamp has some beautiful new bags on the site. Can't stop drooling over them :love:
  8. Wow... that wallet is sooo cute! What brand is that? I hope they have it available in Asia, since I live in Taiwan.
  9. Agreed. The new bags are great! Though i think my bf would kill me if I bought any more bags right now :crybaby:
  10. I looooove my monogram cles :heart: However I have began to feel a bit disorganized with it, and would like to also have a wallet. Plus I think I'm in love with the color red lately. :love:
  11. Burberry has an adorable quilted one for $395..I'll try to scan the picture for you.
  12. Here's the picture..
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