Please recommend a bust cream!

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  1. Hi I have decided not to undergo surgery to increase my assets, I will just have to live with small boobs. I was going to buy a bust cream, such as Dior, Lancome or Chanel etc. However, before I splash my cash I just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good bust cream so I dont waste my money. I dont expect the cream to work magic just help to give me more firmness, hey I am only 21 and after having a baby my body changed!:cursing:
  2. there's no such thing as an effective bust cream, and i honestly don't think that those high-end companies even make one.
  3. My friend swears by clarins, although personally have not used it.
  4. Don't waste your money - no such thing.
  5. don't waste your money--you should work on firming up the muscles underneath. Pushups, dumbbell bench press, incline press, decline press, and incline flyes will help.
  6. Oh jeez. Don't waste your money. There is no cream, nor pill that will increase your bust size.
  7. You are right that there is nothing other than cosmetic surgery can increase your bust size but I think she is referring to a cream for firmer surface skin and reduced skin slackening - this, on the other hand, is possible.

    Buy Clarins Bust Beauty Gel since you are post pregnancy. Actually, even though I am still pregnant, I am using the gel together with the (morning) lotion variant. I imagine it is a bit of an overkill but then it does make your skin soft and supple like a baby's bottom!
  8. That with a cold throw of water at the end of showering, this advice has been given for decades in the french women magazines, don't know personally how it works.
  9. Thankyou, yes I did not want a cream to increase my bust size- just to firm up my 'little' friends. I have heard of the Clarins cream and I will buy that. Also I think I will try squats and buy some dumbbells. Thank you everyone for all your great advice x;)
  10. Oh yes, my mum (actually strictly speaking maman :upsidedown:) has told me to do it for ages but she is assuming that the place I live in is the [SIZE=-1]Côte d'Azur or something[/SIZE]. I prefer to go down the cream route because it is way too cold to do it in freezing London's morning!
  11. Yes I also live in London and the last thing I wanna do is splash cold water on em'. But desperate times call for desperate measures...
  12. pouts bust cream is supposed to be the best.
  13. I tried it when I was much younger and not as wise. If you're relying on bust cream to up your breast size, it won't happen. The most it will do is make it feel slightly firmer. Seriously, there's no shame in a padded bra. Plus as you get older, you'll naturally fill out. I went from a size A to a B/C.
  14. No such thing, my suggestion-Go to Nordy's get a bra fitting & buy some good bras that lift the girls.
  15. Another vote for Clarins Beauty Bust Gel:yes: