Please, recommend a bag for me. Thank you!

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  1. I want a new shoulder bag as the past year I have bought many handheld bags and I think it is not practical enough. First, I plan to buy a LV bag so I will have some money left for other things or saving. I think to buy a Saleya PM but couldn't choose between Azur and Ebene. I love Azur but I hate patina so at last I couldn't make a decision to buy it.

    Lately I have new 3 shoulder bag. They are Chanel Cabas in white, am not a plastic bag and LV baggy PM. My BF always told me to buy LV because I rarely use my Chanel bags. It's true. I love Chanel bags so much and I am afraid to take them out :sad:!! Believe it or not all of my Chanels are still in Mint condition like new !!

    Anyway, I'm looking for a new Chanel bag :idea: which I can use it as my everyday bag. I don't like classic flap,GST, or PST. I will buy a Paris B. tote and am waiting to see whether it is gonna be on this summer sale or not. So no Paris B. tote for now.

    I like something chic and trendy. My budget is around $2000. Any recommendation , pleaseeeeeeeeee.:smile: Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you like the rock & chain?
  3. Cotton Club
  4. How about the patent bowler or the expandables?

  5. :confused1: Thank you for your recommendation. It's a nice bag but not a fan.
  6. Cotton Club is also nice but I already have 2 Cambon bags and I like Cambon better.


    Bowler is a great great choice but just wonder is it still available in normal Black?
  7. The expandables are great! Lots of room and easy to carry. I just got a navy blue one and I love it! It did cost almost $2500 though and it looks like the price is increasing:sad:
  8. im looking for the black leather bowler too:sad: looks like i have to give up:crybaby:
  9. Modern chain N/S tote? Its got nice trendy chains :yes: and i love mine to bits.. :love:
  10. How about the soft & chain in the medium size? I love the chain on that one.
  11. Do you have a pic? Thank you!
  12. Pic of soft & chain (large & medium) and the timeless totes (red and beige, but they also have black):
    DSC00800.JPG IMG_4935.JPG ChanelTimelessToteRedCaviar.jpg DSC00737.JPG
  13. :nuts::nuts::nuts: A very nice collection !! thanks a lot for all pics!!
  14. I saw this bag today. It's the diamond stitch tote, $1625. Borrowed pic from reference thread. It's the last one they had in the company.