PLEASE...Really need help to decide: ostrich tote or satchel?

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  1. Hi All,

    I just bought the grey ostrich tote but wondering whether I should exchange to the grey satchel instead. I am attaching picture of tote and satchel (taken from internet), but I cannot find the picture of grey satchel, so I posted the tan color.

    Could you all help me decide whether to get grey tote or grey satchel?

    Thank you so much!

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  2. i prefer the satchel. :yes:
  3. hmm. They are both really nice. I like the satchel more.
  4. I like the satchel, but regardless of what we say ......... what works best for you? Your lifestyle?
    Go with what you love the most!
    Keep us posted.
  5. tote, tote, tote!! it's so beautiful.

    allow me to show you just how beautiful...

    the sartorialist
  6. Thanks everybody....

    I like both styles, just the satchel is a bit smaller and more formal than the tote.

    Mundodabolsa, that is really beautiful! Would the bag also work for somebody shorter (I'm 5'3")?

    Ok, I'm going to the store again to compare one more time....will let you all know.
  7. I would walk with both and see which is more comfortable -- the east west bags bop at the hip too much for me -- but that may just be me.
  8. Decided to get the satchel as I need more formal bag....