Please read! You may be poisoning your pet!

  1. I just got off the phone with Barbara after reading this posting. I feed my dog Smokehouse treats and he LOVES them! It is very scary that I am poisoning my baby without knowing. He just had a urinalysis last week and they said they found higher amounts of protein in his test an he has only been eating these treats for 2 months :tdown:

    "November 13, 2007

    Please be aware that many Chicken Jerky treat brands that are manufactured in China have been making small dogs very ill along with killing them. Symptoms are: lethargy, vomiting, diareha, and anorexia (total lack of appetite except for the treats). To see this alert from the American Veterinarian Medical Association go to click on Pet Food Alert line and then click on Chicken Jerky Treat alert.)

    Our two adorable Cavalier King Charles puppies, Lacie, 11 months, and Misty 7 months old, had been eating Smoke House Chicken Jerky treats from Petsmart on a daily basis (not as a supplement for their food, but as a treat after their evening meal). They both became very ill in July with the same symptoms, such as; lethargy, vomiting, diarrea, and anorexia (total lack of appetite except for the treats, which they loved and looked forward to). The test started showing signs of kidney failure which made no sense to the vets because Misty and Lacie are not related, and Kidney failure is rare with puppies. Both puppies received extensive care in the hospital along with test after test trying to figure out what was wrong with them. Vet bills started mounting up to over $9,000. Every meal had to be force fed except their nightly jerky treat which they got very excited about.

    Mid September we found out about the AVMA warning, and immediatelty stopped giving them these treats, Our little seven month old Misty rallied and got better, but our sweet little Lacie never got better and this weekend our precious little 11 month old Lacie got much worse, and had to be put down at 5:30 last night. We were able to pray with her and love on her as she peacefully went to be with the Lord. She surely took a piece of my heart with her. I have been through a lot in my life, but I have never been through the extreme roller coaster pain that we have been going through in the last four months.

    I wish someone had warned us about this product. I thought this product was American made. Only after I saw the warning, did I see in small print on the bottom of the package, made in China. I didn't know it, but this jerky treat has been making dogs sick well before April 2007. If someone had warned us, Lacie could have been spared this past painful four months of treatment, let alone having her princess life robbed from her at such a young age. Lacie was the most adorable sweet little feminine angel. She loved people so much that I was planning on having her be a therapy dog so that her and I could help people that are ill.

    Please spread the word. After I send this to all the Cavalier breeders. I am going to send this warning to the other small breeds. It is so sad that I have to do this, but as long as Pets Mart and Costco and other stores only care about their profit margin we will have to protect our sweet little puppies on our own.

    I know Lacie would never have wanted any other dog and owner to go through the pain and agony that she and her mommy and daddy have gone through. Lacie was our little angel and I don't want her to have died in vain, So I will not give up on spreading the word about these poisonous treats.


    Barbara Fafard
    (949) 766-0140"
  2. This is so sad, there's NO reason why that dog should have died. Why hasn't there been a recall?
  3. so would the brand waggin train chicken jerky tender be the same? I have noticed ever since my parents started giving my dogs these treats they refuse to eat anything else but the treats. My shih-tzu has gotten very skinny but we didnt know why.
  4. I'm told that several companies buy from the one in China.

    My dog also stopped eating his food and will only eat the chicken treats too.

    There was actually a recall in September and some of the products were pulled off the shelves but apparently there are still problems. I talked to my vet and she said to call the company to see if they did recall it. According to Barbara, she called too but the company said it was only 90 dogs and that it was a miniscule number :tdown:
  5. WTF??!! There is NO reason why the treats shouldn't have been recalled in the first place. When they got the report that just one dog died of their treats, they should have been off the market right then. There is NOTHING miniscule about an animal's life. NO excuse. So sad and scary. Thanks for posting this information! I hope everyone's pups are okay.
  6. WTF!!! Why are pet food/snack manufacturers and importers being so %$#@*&!!ing irresponsible???? This makes me literally sick, to think that the food and treats I am buying for my pets could kill them. Completely unacceptable.
  7. What the $#@^*&!!ing hell is that supposed to mean, only 90 dogs? I doubt the company would be quite so cavalier if it were "only 90 children".
  8. wow, this is sickening news! thanks for posting.
  9. I don't understand anything about this, does America not inspect food coming into this country to make sure that it is safe, do they not regulate anything? there are so many things coming out of china right now that are poisonous, and clearly food and safety will not protect us, so I guess it's up to us to know where everything is coming from! and what all is in the food we feed our pets. :sad:
  10. How sad :sad:

    This is why my little guys only eat food made in the USA that is organic.

    Those poor dogs...I bet their owners are devastated :sad:
  11. Thank you for sharing this! It is another reminder to be careful to only feed our pups carefully screened food. I will certainly go check all the treats I feed my dog now -- looking for all the fine print. One more push for me to start to make my own biscuits and treats.
  12. i'm so conscious about what my dogs eat. everything is natural, ive never given them jerky before either, just dental treats.
  13. Thank you so much for posting this...Im not sure if any of you remember my posts about Violet, she was throwing up alot and we could not figure out what was going on with her. I took both girls to the vet and had all tests run. They were given medication for the throwing up and we stopped all treats for a few weeks. Both girls are fine. After reading this post I went to the dog cabinet and threw out the 3 packs of chicken Vitality treats (look like beef jerky) made in china...I could not imagine loosing my girls like this poor woman. Thanks again for posting.
  14. I also want to post up if you have any of these treats making your pets ill, please email Barbara and send her the treats you have. They are working on having the treats privately testes and possibly filing a class action law suit.

    This whole thing is just so wrong. I cannot believe they did not recall anything.
  15. Our Costco sells Kingdom's Premium ( jerky in huge bags. Our local trainer used them as training treats. I wonder if they're from the same same supplier under a different name although they claim they're not associated with the company that sold poisonous jerky and tests regularly. A great alternative is Chicken Breast Wraps from that are wrapped around banana, carrot or liver.