PLEASE READ: Wash your packaged salad!!!

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  1. I read an article not too long ago that packaged salads & greens are one of the highest risk foods for food poisoning! Blech!
  2. I had no idea!! They look so clean and sterile in their nice little plastic packaging.... and they are also very convenient. There were a few tips at the bottom of the article like washing and getting the earliest expiration dates but I must admit I am more than a bit skeeved
  3. Eww I'm so thankful right now that my mom got me in the habit of washing EVERYTHING, no matter what the package says.
  4. We have labels on packaged salads here which say either wash thoroughly before eating or washed and ready to eat, but I always wash it in a colander anyway. It's just a habit.

  5. Right?? I agree! It seems so...SAFE!
  6. Yes, I always wash the greens...
  7. After the spinach episode I've taken extra care to wash the much for extra convenience :P Thanks for sharing the article!
  8. I remember a few years ago there was quite a fuss about packaged salads in the UK. It was something about the amount of chlorine found in these salads due to the washing was higher than what would be found in a swimming pool or something like that. I generally always wash these packaged salads even if they say they have been washed.
  9. :wtf:

    I always assumed mine were already washed and ready to eat....definitely never making that mistake again.
  10. my mom ALWAYS makes me wash the packaged salad. that "tripled washed" on the package means nothing.