Please Read This! These Might Be Threats Against Us.

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  1. Do any of ladies or gentleman live on Long Island in New York, and got the Thursday, June 22, 2006 edition of Newsday?

    Within its pages, was a threat? If so, from whom? I do not know. I just need to tell you what I know. I cannot stop thinking about this.

    Okay here is the story… I got into work on Thursday morning around 11 AM. My friend Molly was hosting a birthday party, and one of my managers was there too. He came up to us with this insert from the newspaper, the aforementioned Newsday. It was a map, folded in proper map fashion. On the front of it, it reads “World Map, English Edition, Scale 1:28,000,000, Topography”. So, Molly and I opened it. We looked at it for a LONG time, but saw NOTHING that looked like any of the continents; neither did my manager, so we forgot about it. Today, I walked into work, around the same time. Randi, my mangers daughter was standing there, with the map, from the previous day. I asked her if she thought anything of it. What she pointed out, gave me chills. That is why I am here; talking about it…I do not know what to do. I don’t know if this is a threat, or what? Here are the photographs…



    Hey...that isn't of any land mass on the earth...


    Okay. Here is where it got chilling. Look at this photo. On the left, we see a masked figure. He is throwing a bomb, a Mazel Tov cocktail, to the other figure on the right. He, however, is not masked. He is armored with a shield and a helmet; he is also throwing an explosive. On the far right, you will see a “lake” in the shape of an aircraft. On the right, below that figure, you can make out a peace sign.


    This picture is much more threatening. You will see another masked figure. The figure appears to also be wearing boots, perhaps indicating a suit of sorts. In his hands, are two dead birds. They look like turkeys. Now turkeys can always be associated with America…the pilgrims and Native American’s feast. Why is he masked though, possibly because those birds are infected with something deadly? Is this a threat against us? Like all the other threats, the United States received? I do not know… I am just trying to make out these pictures.


    Now In America. Great…


    It is hard to make this list out… but there are some important things here. It is a list of countries. The United Kingdom and Afghanistan are not listed! Weird how the UK isn’t there considering its supposed to be a British company. The other half of this list include other parts of the world… THE UNITED STATES IS NOT ON THIS LIST.

    Randi called Newsday. The only answer they gave her is “We’re aware of the situation.” That’s it?! She then called News Channel 12, a local long island news channel; they said they would look into this. My friend Kerriann came into work tonight. I showed her the map, and she immediately called News 12 again. They are coming to my workplace tomorrow to interview all of us that had a part in putting the pieces together.

    I am sorry, but this is a little bit scary.

    OH! P.S. This map is not copyrighted. Do you not think that if BBC World actually made this map, they would have some kind of copyright on it? The whole thing is creepy and weird.

  2. By the way. This map was inserted into every, single, edition, of this Newsday paper.
  3. ummm.

    seems a little far-fetched.

    Also, I'd watch out for "terrorist" attack warnings in the near future.Our government is beyond corrupt at the moment and will definitly use our fear of terrorists to their advantage.

    Anyone hear about Bush's plans to unite the US with Canada and Mexio into one big happy...whatever?

  4. Well, Newsday didn't put that map in the papers. Somebody did. And why label it a "World Map" if it shows absolutely no recognizable land masses? Why would they not include the United States in the countries list? I don't know... I just had to share.
  5. no, its very interesting that you shared!

    but, it just seems a bit...... I dunno, too much.
  6. No, it's creepy to me too.
  7. It's funny though. I know so many people who looked at this map and said "What the hell is this, there are no names on these countries!" then threw it away. Maybe it's not to much. Maybe it was just right because of how subtle it really is. I didn't even notice these things at first!
  8. Meh.

    I'm just very suspicious of any "threats" because of how our government has been acting.

    America feels more like a facist regime than a democratic republic. :P

    Helllllloooooooooo 1984
  9. This is kind of creepy! :sad:
  10. I loved that book. lol!
  11. I liked it too, but it was scary.

    I hated the ending. :sad:

    George Orwell knows how to write a book ending though. Both 1984, and Animal Farm's endings stuck out to me so vividly I can still remember them
  12. This does look weird but I think that, 1)it could be totally random, or 2) some kind of political/international awareness campain.

    Of course, there are a lot of threats against the US at all times. And against other free countries in the world, but I don't think that the people who are behind this "stunt" are some of them. As I said, maybe it is some kind of political awareness campaign, maybe something like "be careful" etc since the rest of the world are getting fed up with world police or something... I don't think it's Al Qaeda that's behind this to say it that way...
  13. weird.
  14. RobbieNEmmy, do you mind if I use these pictures to show other people?

    ( copy & paste the links?)

    I just want to ask some other people about this, without having to link them to the PF!!!!! :-P LOL.

    just thought I'd ask first, thnx!
  15. Please do!
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