Please read this!!!! Email from seller!

  1. I bought a Bulga brown hobo from a seller on eBay who is reportedly a tPF member. I paid very promptly for it too. The seller has 100% feedback and has responded to all my questions very promptly. She reportedly mailed my bag on Jan 16 by USPS priority. The package has a tracking number and signature confirmation on delivery. I have still not received the bag. I’ve never had experience with USPS being so late. Am I being unnecessarily impatient? What should I do next? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Where does the tracking number show the package being? I've had priority mail packages take over 3 weeks to ship by USPS; it's rare but it can most definitely happen. Check with USPS where it is and if it's lost, have the seller file a claim.
  3. yeah check online and get back to seller tooo...
  4. Did you check at your local post office where they sort your mail? Sometimes they will NOT leave the package at the door and then "forget" to send you the little slip telling you they have a package for you at the station. Of course, my local post office is the offense to any USPS workers, but honestly, I'm lucky just to get some of my bills delivered...and sometimes it can still be sitting at the processing center due to some hitch, like a bad zip code on the box etc.
  5. Thanks for all your input. The problem with USPS tracking is that they just say that "the person notified USPS about the package" They don't let you track the package like UPS does.
    I did check my post office yesterday and they have no sign of it either. Maybe I'll wait a few more days hoping that it will show. The package was shipped from Oklahoma to WA state.
    I've contacted the seller today, we'll see what happens. I am hoping that the bag will show up. All the excitement of waiting for it has waned already:sad:
  6. oh so sorry. i know ur pain! and it hurts. im right with u babe! im waiting too!!! pm me and we can talk each other through it! sometimes, having someone to listen can help ....
  7. Totally agree. You need to check at your post office. This happens to me ALL THE TIME with signature confirmation. SO ANNOYING.

  8. I think your pain in Canada is deeper than our pain. Yours is pain in the ass called Customs which holds packages hostage for weeks.
  9. As a casual eBay seller, I would say that's a little weird, especially if the seller said they mailed it on the 16th. Not to get you super worried or anything, but when I have USPS tracking on packages I send, the first thing it says is "the person notified USPS about the package" when I first pay for the postage through PayPal. That statement changes when the package is actually dropped off at the post office and the delivery confirmation sticker is scanned. It'll say something along the lines of 'the post office at this place has received the package on this date,' and then changes again as it makes it way towards the seller. Of course, having said all of that, USPS is also slower in updating their tracking progress than UPS is (usually a day or two later than the actual progress of the package)--but still, the 16th was a long time ago.

    I would definitely recommend contacting the seller again. Good luck.
  10. okay - now I'm getting really nervous. I paid for this using Google checkout ( the seller has 100% feedback and has sold balenciagas and LVs according to feedback for whatever that's worth). To be honest I did not realize that it was Google checkout until I won the bag. ( I have actually never won anything until now - i've only bought with BIN).
    The seller has responded to all my emails. She says that the USPS requires that we wait 21 days before reporting it missing. That's a few days away.
    Anyway, if I have to, how do I get my money back? Do I contest thru the CC company?
  11. I'd call USPS's 800 number and give them your tracking number and see what they say. If the package is nowhere to be found, then file a chargeback with your CC.
  12. That is true, however some post offices are better at others at scanning those delivery confirmation bar codes. For some reason, a lot of things I sell, I will print the slip at home, and message doesn't change online until AFTER the package is delivered. I think my mailman isn't scanning them for some reason. :shrugs:
  13. Well, with priority it's not a real-time tracking number but a number that registers departure and delivery only (someone correct me). Only express offers "real" tracking. Plus, I've heard that the weather in the US has been crazy, I had a package coming late because of a hurricane on the east coast once.
    Plus, there's the possible customs delay.
    I would only get nervous after 4 weeks...
  14. I thought you could fill out the missing package form with the post office after 7 days?
  15. USPS are definitely delaying parcels at the minute, I don't know why. I posted a bag on the 16th, I checked & my postal service even got me the flight number that it left UK on the 17th USPS scanned it as arriving in USA on 29th - longest flight in history!!!! My buyer was furious with the delay even filed a chargeback with her credit card which has just been resolved. So don't give up yet, I am sure it will arrive.