Please read this article...IS THIS YOU?????

  1. I'm cash .... don't need the hubby to know :nuts: ;)
  2. I saw this article this morning and immediately emailed it to my shopping buddies!!!

    Can't say I've skimmed or paid in cash but I've been known to grab the credit card bills before they arrive and make payments in cash....
  3. O.K. SO both I and my husband laughed when reading this article in the newspaper! It is me, totally! He just keeps seeing the chanel boxes growing taller in the closet, and now asks every time something is new, "So...what designer is that?" My feeling is, I work hard for the money, and so if I want to splurge on a bag I can. Today I purchased a new Chanel (fuschia satin evening bag) at the Woodbury Commons shop, and literally had to get my daughter to stop him at the door, so he would not know what I spent.
  4. So this article is about all of us alittle..Its nice to see I'm not alone
  5. It's not me, divorced and no one to account to--YES!!
  6. The rate I'm going I might be also;)
    Plus he's pissing me off today:s
  7. Thank goodness my hubby just makes the money but has no idea how to manage money so he leaves that up to me. I am usually very good about money management (except of course my ONE addiction!) But no matter how much is spent, I make sure it is paid off by each month.
  8. These husbands don't asky why their wives are withdrawing $2000 or more at one time from a bank account??? Don't get it.
  9. YES me too...I do all the bills...If I was to die tomorrow(god forbid) He would have no idea what to do..I do all the bills..and I pay my CC off within 1 month tops 3 months:yes: depending on what kind of month I had LOL
  10. VIP, if we die tomorrow...they WILL find out about our addiction since you still have 1 bag coming and my entire shipment is still enroute.
  11. I have my own credit cards... it's essential.
  12. That's my mom! Although, last time we went shopping, she bought some sunglasses at Saks and didn't want my dad to know their cost (paying with a check), so we bought some cheap accessories. When we returned home, she showed him all the loot, ("Look at all the stuff we were able to get!!!") and didn't have to tell him how much the sunglasses cost! (Although, I'm pretty sure he saw right through that facade...)

    -L :heart:
  13. I like the 'don't ask, don't tell'!
  14. Definitely. And online statements only