Please read! Posts about fakes

  1. We have a sticky thread in the Shopping Forum specifically for you to post photos/auctions/etc. . . about LV fakes.

    It's a lot of work for us to move these threads all day everyday, please post where appropriate! Thanks!
  2. I agree I've seen several:sneaky: :lecture:
  3. Thanks! Sometimes it's hard to know where to post, thanks for directing us... (it's a complicated blog) to me, anyway...:sweatdrop: :shrugs:
  4. ITA! :yes:
  5. also, would this be the same for "My Collection" threads?! or is it okay to post those on the main forum?
  6. ^not sure what you mean{?}
  7. thanks!
  8. i think she means those threads where people just post some of or the entire collection they own, even though there's already a place designated for them. i see those every now and then.

    maybe people think there's so much more traffic here, that their thread will get more attention?
  9. ^yeah, I'm not sure why people do that either.
    Maybe the LV Mods don't mind{?}

    This Forum is soooo busy that I try and come in a few times a day, and when I stop in there's a TON of threads in the wrong places. . . I think you're right, people want to post in here because it get sso much exposure. But it's SO much more enjoyable when everything is in it's repsective home:yes:
  10. In the shopping forum there are stickies for "worst fakes ever" and authenticating - but what if they don't fit into either of those?
  11. if it's a photo of a fake. . . it belongs! LOL!
    That's all I was referring to.
    Obviously if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit!;)
  12. shopping is another thing. . .
    if you're posting about stock available or which SA to use where. . . it belongs in the LV Shopping Forum:yes:
  13. Thanks for the redirection to the appropriate forums.
  14. thanks swanky for your hard work!
  15. well re: the collection i did it a while ago not knowing it wasn't supposed to be here but i did post it to the collections thread- i didn't get one single comment about it. the poeple before and after me did but mine- not one single word :crybaby: but when it was here it got some nice comments.