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  1. hey ya b-bag sistas!!!

    Please feel free to Report on rare, authentic Balenciaga finds on eBay or other stores.

    This is NOT a place to promote your own auctions.

    And dont forget there's also an AUTHENTICATE this thread on the main Balenciaga forum - just in case you're not too sure!!! ;)

    I hope you'll enjoy this new sub forum! it's JUST for you!!! wee heee!!! :wlae:

    lots of b-bag love,
    mimz and helenNZ

    eta (from mimz!): ALL eBay auction posts, sale posts, and store stock posts belong in this subforum! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Helen or I!
  2. Yay! Thanks Helen, this forum wouldn't be rockin' without you ;)
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