Please read me before posting photos/comments here

  1. It seems obvious but we have to post this a few times a year:rolleyes:

    A couple of things we DON'T need to see:
    Britney menstrating through her panties. We do not need to see Brit's blood stains.
    Nipples. Self explanatory.
    Also, we don't need graphic descriptions of what you want to do sexually w/ the almost naked photo of a celeb:nogood:

    This is first adn foremost a HANDBAG website, there's plenty of other hosts on the net that don't mind this stuff, but we don't need it here.
    Please remember people open this Forum at school or work adn that we have 12 yr olds logging on everyday, not to mention the rest of us that don't fall into that category but don't log in a purse website to see Britney's bloody hooha.

  2. gotcha swanky!
  3. Thank you for posting this, Swanky.
  4. Ok! Thank you for the helpful reminder!!!
  5. Yay, Swanky thanks for keepin' it real in here!
  6. oops, i'm sorry about the britney panties. :shame:
  7. No problem Swanky:tup:
  8. Ewww they released pics of Britney's blood panties? That's disgusting. I don't even want to google it out of curiosity. :throwup:
  9. I appreciate you posting this Swanky. There were some recent anatomy comments on here (besides Britney) that I found just a little too raunchy and offensive. I hope everyone heeds this reminder.
  10. I appreciate this post too. Thanks Swanky! I hope people take this into consideration!
  11. Thank you for posting this! I don't want to see any of what you mentioned above and appreciate TPF laying down some rules :smile:
  12. Lol. I don't understand why anyone would want to post that. That's just nasty.
  13. Thanks Swanky!!!:heart::tup:
  14. ITA! Why would anyone even take pictures of that??

  15. LMAO!!!! :lol: You are right Swanky, but just reading this made me laugh!!