Please Read- Juicy Dispute Escalated To A Claim By Seller!!

  1. I am a Juicy collector and have only ever bought at retail level. I never had a reason to question authenticity. 2 months ago, I did not know that "mirror image" Juicy bags existed. I have been researching and now I am less naive.

    I won an auction in eBay. ( I think I can put the link in here?)

    I paid $409.01, and it retails for $825.00 (I know, peanuts compared to the seasonal collectors I am seeing here :shame:. Anyway, I have the Parker Tote in vachetta, but wanted it in black, too. The bag was listed 1/1/2008. I won the auction 1/4/2008. In those 3 days, I contacted the seller (as a courtesy) since my feedback was only 3 at the time. He replied to inform me that he had someone that had contacted him to close the auction and sell it to him for $400. (I was the only bidder for 3 days - at $150.00 - No Reserve)

    I ended up winning at $401.00 and received an invoice. I asked him about insurance. He answered me 1/7/08 and said that he would look into it. He said no insurance available but FedEx offered declared value etc etc which I called FedEx to confirm and clarify. Addl charge would be $4.50 and seller said he would pay since he had already sent the invoice for the bag.

    Long story short I paid that night 1/7/08 via paypal. I waited for shipping info and got none. I contacted the seller again 1/11/08 asking about shipping & tracking info. At that time he said that he had not shipped it yet but rather had taken it to the cleaners "to have black lint removed from the canvas lining" and would be shipping it once it was back from the cleaners.

    It is 1/13/08, no updates, no handbag, $409.00 charged to my c/c (interest accumulating). :push:

    I see some red flags now (since I have read 3 hours of data graciously posted by the members of TPF - Thank You). I have a bad feeling but not sure if I should hope for the best, or expect the worse and try to unwind the deal before it goes any further.

    **Also - does anyone know if the black Parker Tote has black canvas lining? My vachetta has a light / medium blue and I have not seen a solid black lining in Juicy of ANY fabric** :confused1:

    **Thank you for letting me be long winded - I PROMISE to work on that** :yes:
  2. This seller have 0 feedback, the photo is a stock picture, how can you know for sure he even have the bag for real. The best thing you can do is go to paypal and file a claim as item not received. Also if you do receie it after this please authenticate it. I have a feeling that either the seller is scamming you and there's no bag or he ordered a "mirror image" overseas and waiting for it to arrive and then ship it for you. Again don't wait and file a claim at PayPal or your CC company. Good luck
  3. Thank you so much. Forgive my over-thinking this, but (to clarify: "FILE the claim NOW, Do NOT contact the seller, and just move ahead under the pretense that either I won't get the bag or it will not be as described"?? Also, PP will only cover the first $200 if I understand correctly? I will need to contact my cc company for the remaining $209.01, or file with cc first and then just tell PP about the seller? (Sorry - I am pretty new to eBay too)
  4. I think is better with your CC because if the seller took the money out of PayPal you will only be entitled to the $200. When you do a Chargeback with your CC, PayPal is notified and they notify the seller as well. It's really up to you but a lot of time Credit cards company are more helpful than PayPal

    Oh, I just notice is not a week yet so PayPal won't let you open a dispute until a few more days. Good Luck!
  5. PayPal let me open the complaint. 2 hours later I had a scathing email from the seller telling me "how eBay works"...actually, email to follow:

    From seller:
    shipped out the bag to you yesterday. The tracking number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Since you are new to e bay, you might not understand how it works sometimes. Rather than file a claim after not receiving your bag at the earliest convenience to you, you should have waited to hear back with shipping info from me since I told you that I was going to provide you with it once shipped. When I bought the bag, it had the pink dustbag inside and the bottom was completely covered in lint that would not come off with a roller. I went through the hassle of getting in dry cleaned so it could be in perfect condition for YOU. I was not in town or near a computer yesterday and actually had someone go pick up bag and ship out to you because I wanted it out as soon as possible. I highly suggest that next time you deal with someone and payment, you do not get so freaked out that they are trying to take off with your money. Are you not the one that said that the bag was worth more than $400? You got a great deal on it and next time should have a tad bit more patience.

    Nice, huh? Then they put a "nicer" response in the PayPal complaint siting that I was "new to ebay". I am LIVID. I responded back in PayPal that I am well aware of how it works when I am dealing with professional, courteous merchants and that their time would be better spent communicating before it was a problem, rather than reacting so rudely after it IS an issue and further telling me how to conduct myself!!

    **Why would it take a week to clear a c/c payment via PayPal??**
    **Why did they not send shipping info until PayPal got involved??**
    **Why would they not tell buyer that the bag would be delayed due to cleaning prior to the end of the auction - certainly in the week after payment had been made but item not shipped??**
  6. Sorry to hear. Some sellers are not on top of things, unfortunately.

    Only thing to add is that now that a dispute was opened do not close it until the bag is in your hands and you are satisfied with its condition. Paypal will not allow reopening of the dispute once you close it.

    Never heard of a week needed to clear a c/c payment via PayPal. Perhaps what they meant is a week to transfer the funds to bank account. Again some sellers do not have it together....
  7. I would file a chargeback with the credit card company, and I would do this ASAP
  8. You guys rock!! I have had another email since the last one I posted (busy day on PayPal account). She was far more civil and stated that the complaint form on PayPal was for "us to work things out" not to "state our side". Since I spent HOURS reading ALL of the terms of PayPal, I now know that 1) Seller is not protected if item is not shipped to a confirmed , verified address with signature verification within 7 days. (Tomorrow would have been the deadline for that). As far as her other comments, per the same agreement, "Any message you post is viewable by PayPal and the other party to the Dispute. If the Dispute is escalated to a Claim, PayPal may review and use the content of all posted messages during evaluation of the Claim" and finally, I closed my comment by adding "You may not post any message that is offensive, discourteous, false, misleading, profane, abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate." In case she wanted to further insult me. She has asked what I want to do at this point. Before I hit the "send" button, will this be considered as NPB (NonPaying Bid?) I may be "new to ebay" per her description, but I know where to look for the PayPal & ebay user agreements, and HERE!! Thank you SO much!!
  9. As far as I know, she's the one with "0" feedback. Don't close the claim until you receive the package And again when you receive the bag make sure to verify the authenticity.
  10. **Thanks..............REALLY!**

  11. Wrong! The complaint form is for both - to state your side (i.e. everything that has happened, in as much detail as possible) and for the buyer and seller to try to work things out.

    I'm sure this 0 feedback seller, who claims she is not new (which, frankly, implies that she can no longer use her previous account, as it is too full of negative feedback!) would love for you to not state the facts, as they don't make her look too good, so far, do they?

    I don't see why it would be considered a NPB, as you have paid, haven't you? :shrugs:

    If you have paid, but are refunded, you are not a NPB.

    No problem, BTW. :flowers:

    I'm afraid I don't have a clue about JC lining fabric, but didn't the seller say that she had taken it to the cleaners; "to have black lint removed from the canvas lining"?

    Which, to me, means that the lint is/was black, not the lining itself.

    As others have said - please don't close the claim until you have recived the bag and checked it and/or had it checked for authenticity and condition.
  12. ((HUGE sigh of relief...........for now)).

    I have officially been going back and forth, posting, siting user agreements, & asking for help here for 12 hours. I have been VERY careful to take the high road, not make it personal, and site facts, versus ranting. The last post on PayPal was the seller saying that she was exhausted from the process & hoped the refund process would go smoother!!!

    ((YES!!!! Now I have OPTIONS!!!))

    I cannot tell you how happy I am!! (since I cannot find the emoticons right now) I wish I could post the entire "back and forth" that happened on PayPal today but I am sure that I sound way more well versed in my head than I would to anyone reading he he he he.

    Thank you so much for all of the help today. I am super grateful.

    I have paid for it so I can keep it if it is authentic - if not, I have her posting in PayPal that states that she will agree to a "smoother" refund.
  13. You paid the 7th and filed w/ paypal on 13th. I think that's a little early. Yes, the seller should have let you know ahead of time about the dust bag cleaning and she did miss one day of communication on the 12th, but I think you should have given her the full 7 days after payment before filing. In not doing so, she may have felt you insulted her first. At least, that's how I would have felt. I can imagine a lot of people getting riled up if their buyer filed with paypal before the 7 days had passed...KWIM?

    Does the tracking number confirm that she did send it out on the 12th, the day before your paypal dispute was filed? If so, sounds like she was telling you the truth and had you waited that one day, you may have gotten the s/h confirmation in your email.

    I personally think the 'new to ebay comment' was mild for having received a paypal dispute unjustly, although the comment was unnecessary and falls in the 'pot calling the kettle black' realm.

    I do hope it all works out for you, but if this seller is telling the truth, I feel a bit bad for her.
  14. Yes it was a bit early but If you go to the listing you can see that the seller not only have 0 feedback but also used a stock photo of the purse and act a bit suspicious about the whole thing and sending the "new bag to the dry cleaners after the sale also didn't help. If it was me I would do the same, because it smelled like scam.
  15. ^^ But that's the risk we choose to take on when we bid on these types of auctions. In bidding and paying with paypal, we also choose to agree to the terms, which in the case is waiting 7 days. OP was aware of the 0 feedback, and the stock photo. I'm not saying this means she should expect to be scammed, but she should expect to be nervous about the whole deal. And if she couldn't accept the terms and stand 7 days of nervousness, she probably shouldn't have bid. Not trying to attack OP, but this is the reason why I've stopped using ebay - the worry isn't worth it to me anymore.

    The cleaning of the bag, which turned out only to be of the dustbag, was concerning, and, as I said before, the seller should have let the OP know ahead of time and clarified that it was the dustbag (which incidentally wasn't listed in the auction) and not the bag. Yes, the seller could have done things better, but as far as I can tell, she didn't do anything wrong in terms of the agreed upon terms. Anyway, I'm just saying there were mistakes on both sides of the fence here.