Please Read... Denim Neo Speedy

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  1. Hi............ First off I am new here..
    A friend of mine bought me the Denim Lv Neo Speedy from Bergacci site.. at the price of$725.00.. Its on its way in shipping now.. I just read on this site plus talked to someone at the REAL LV store about the Bergacci site selling LV bags as Authantic.. and they are 100% FAKE.. OH MY GOD how can they get away with this? I did not see the bag yet in person so i have no idea what it looks like.. BUT I do know what the real bag looks like because i owned one.. My sons had bought it for me at for Christmas.. BUT someone had taken it when I was out one day with friends.. Yea me being so trusting left it sit while i was about 10 feet away from it and out the door they went with it..So my friend was replacing it .. and NOW I am sick to think he paid so much for a $20.00 hong kong fake.. and that is what the LV store told me it would be.. Has anyone bought a Denim Neo speedy from the Bergacci site? PLEASE someone help.. I am trusting the LV store was not joking about the bags being fake..
    Thanks for the help..
  2. Search Bergacci in the threads here. There is a HUGE thread about it and how to get your money back. I'm soooo sorry this happened to you!
  3. Hi Thank you.. UGH I am sick after seeing some of the things posted about that site.. Not only did my real LV bag get taken.. but now my best friend was taken also trying to be nice and replace the bag for me.. .. does anyone have the denim bag from that site?
    Thank you so much..
  4. Sorry to hear about your friends situation.

    Keeping in mind of the deal sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

    the bag retails for 1240$ US(i think) , so getting a new un-used bag for 720 isnt going to be authentic.. I have yet to even see one for that price used. The bag is far too new to be that low for even a used bag unless its been damaged.
    The cheapest i've see this bag used on ebay is 899$ from Authentic lvlady.. i've purchased from her before, great deals and always authentic.

    I wish your friend all the best at getting a refund..

  5. Im so sorry that happened to you and your friend...I think someone got their money back by calling and emailing bergacci and shipping back the item.

    (crossing fingers)...just maybe you might get a real one...who knows...i think someone said in a thread a while back that they ordered a bag from them and it was can always post pics and the girls here would more than happy to help you....

    suerte! (translation=good luck!)
  6. Nope, bergacci is definitely fake. ELux is the only authorized retailer for brand-spanking new LV. If you read the thread in Seller Watch, someone posted photos of the hideous fake they received from Bergacci.
  7. Yeah I remember sunshine posting a thread regarding her bergacci purchase but I didn't know if she had ever posted pics....

    so sorry princess....
  8. Hi Ladies.. Thank you for taking the time to post messages for me.. does anyone have any pics of a denim neo from the site my friend bought mine from? as soon as mine gets here I will be sure to post a few pics of it so everyone can see it.. I am not holding my breath on it being real after the LV store told me that there is no way its a real bag.. ) : BUt I will make sure everyone here can see what it looks like for the record.. so no one else gets ripped off like we have been.. Its sad that people have to be so mean..
  9. OK Up dated news on the LV denim neo bag.. I didnt get it yet.. BUT the tracking number shows its being shipped from ( CHINA) Can you believe that Bergacci THINKS they will get away with this? I think not.. I am so < P*&&ed right now.. at the thought of them doing something like this.. and then SHIPPING it direct from CHINA to me? how dumb are they? you would think they would have been smart enough to have the bags shipped to them and then they re-ship?? OMG.................. ok from what I know the bag ( fake LV ) will be here in the next 2 days.. so I will make sure i get a good pic of two to post here.. <sigh>
  10. Oh no, that's pretty stressful.

    I believe someone bought a speedy 25 as a test, and they put it side to side with their own and it's definitely a fake. I would agree with the LV store, there is no way it is real - sorry that this has to be such a crummy experience !