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    Because so many of our members are using smartphones and the PurseForum app, we are now asking our members to post the content in addition to dropping off the link.

    Next time you drop a link, please remember to post the content as well, even if it is only a few paragraphs. That way other members won't have to navigate away to read the latest dish or breaking news. Thank you!

    Also, I have received a couple complaints over the past week about gory and disturbing topics being posted here. I have had to close one thread already.

    This is definitely a news-related forum and unfortunately we live in a world where we see disturbing news stories daily. I would like to ask, please, if members can try to use a bit more discretion in terms of what is posted and how gory/graphic/disturbing these topics are, it would be appreciated. We do have KIDS on this forum and they may see these posts. That is a concern. swankymama had to post something similar in the celeb section this week too, due to disturbing pics of Britney Spears being posted there.

    Also, PLEASE remember that you MUST post a publicly accessible LINK to source your story. Links are being left off and due to rules about copyrights, we need them posted here so vlad and megs don't have problems. Because this has been more of a problem lately, if the links are not posted your thread may be closed/edited/deleted. Try to remember if you can.

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  2. I am posting in here AGAIN...... PLEASE try to stay away from disturbing topics and if you post something with objectionable content please note that in the topic title by using the word *graphic* or something similar so members are warned. Thank you!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.