please read asap, louis vuitton ending in hour, need it to be authenticated ASAP!

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  1. sorry, this is my first time on the site and i just need to know asap
  2. LMAO... I wish this had been posted in my thread.
  3. this extremely fake or something?
  4. ^^^ no no, sorry, dont mind me! I dont see any red flags but you would need mroe pictures to be sure.. please post in the correct thread.
  5. yea, i posted it in the authentic this thread but no one has responded and it is ended soon so i just need to know, the price is really low and there is only one bid so it seems sketchy.
  6. ^^^its not THAT low and it does have stained vachetta so that may turn off a lot of people...also dont forget everyone waits until the LAST seconds to bid :smile:
  7. ;):roflmfao: