Please Read: A note on authentications and buying bags online

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  1. In case you aren't aware, a woman was recently arrested in Virginia for selling over a million dollars in fakes. Link to article -

    This is also being discussed throughout the Purse Forum. I highly encourage you to read through the related threads in the eBay forum.

    I created this thread to bring awareness to buying bags online. You should always be wary of third party sellers but since this lady was switching bags at reputable department stores anything is possible.

    As many of you know, I authenticate many of the bags in TB. I have made some mistakes but really do try to guarantee authenticity when I say a bag is authentic. I have no way of knowing if a bag you buy is a bait and switch. I am seeing this a lot from Instagram sellers. I personally would stay away from buying bags on Instagram as it is almost impossible to track the transaction.

    If you have received a bag and you think it is fake please trust your instinct. Try to buy from places that will allow a refund or exchange if you have an issue with your bag. Most good sellers allow refunds or store credit. Buying on eBay gives you a layer of protection should you end up with a counterfeit. I'm not sure how Mercari, Poshmark or Tradesy handles issues. In addition to getting a bag authenticated on tPF, there are also brand specific Facebook groups and reputable professional authenticators such as Meme's Treasures.

    If you know of any other ways to authenticate Tory Burch bags then please post them here. Thanks :smile:
  2. Thanks for sharing this, it is very informative and we need to beware it's happening. I always buy from the Tory Burch boutiques for that reason.
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    Hi Torybri I agree and always do the same ;)
  4. Interesting story, scary to think that these department stores are possibly reselling fake bags.
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