Please read, 1st come, 1st serve.

  1. Hey guys!!! When we put stuff on hold for people there are some people that never took their stuff.
    So here are some items that are now availible....
    1 inferno caramella
    1 paradiso denaro
    1 OP gioco
    1 OP stellina
    Please call asap if you'd like anything of the above.
    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up!
    Talk to you soon!!!
  2. Ahhh! I just got them!! The caramella, gioco, and the denaro!! Im Soooo freakin happy! That would be my first caramella and denaro! Im inlove with anything gioco! Im soo freakin happy!
  3. lol... congrats
  4. Iknew that would go superfast. hahaha
  5. danggg yo, you sweeped it Janice that means the OP Stellina is the only thing left for you others lolz.
  6. congrats:yahoo:, post pics when u get em!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I dont even know the print placement on them! Since I dont even have a denaro or carmella, I didnt care. It'll just be a suprise! Ill for sure post pics!
  8. HA! you snooze you looze!! CONGRATS on snagging em first!! LOL
  9. I know the denaro has the coconut girl on it, I called but was too late :tdown:. Enjoy your goodies.
  10. lol congrats Swtest2Lips :lol:
  11. Sadness coconut girl is so cute!
  12. wow! congrats!!!
  13. Congrats!
  14. omg...i wish i had money i would have wanted the op stellina.