Please put on your sunglasses... My Silver Sabrina is here!!!

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  1. I just received my Silver Sabrina a few days ago. She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! :cloud9::heart: And she is sooooooo soft too!!! I can't stop petting her! Lol! At first, I thought I might have to return her because she is a little small for me, since I personally prefer big bags, but she is growing on me. But, the leather is TDF!! It's so sparkly and glittery!! :drool::drool: So, I think I will keep her because of that.

    Well, without further adieu, here are some pics... My pics definitely don't do her justice!



    Closeup pic of the leather:


    Pic of inside:

  2. OMG....soooo pretty!!!!! I LOVE the chain linked strap and the lining color is TDF!!!! The color is gorgeous too!!! Congrats!
  3. I LOVE that lining, so pretty! Is she in the large size or small/medium?
  4. I really really love that Sabrina! :tender:
  5. I love your bag SO much!!! Congrats and the flower charm is too cute on her, also :tup:. Don't you just love the unique smell of her leather!?
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    Thanks for the compliments, ladies!

    She is the small size.
  7. She's beautiful. I love the flower charm on her too.
  8. She's to die for. The leather is absolutely delicious, and that lining... beautiful!! Congrats!
  9. I wanted to take her home with me today when I was at the boutique! She is so soft, almost feels like suede. Congrats, she's gorgeous!
  10. I want to see this bag in person soooo bad. Yours is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. Absolutely gorgeous! And I love the strap, too. Congratulations!
  12. Although I'm not a hug Sabrina fan, I've really grown on the silver and rose gold colors!!! Awesome bag!! Congrats!
  13. Ohhhhh the lining is gorgeous. I've seen this at Macys' and I love this siver and the texture :faint:

  14. Okay, your pics are totally making me :drool: so now I'm going down to the boutique tonight to have a look-see at her!
  15. I still need to check her out in real life! I bet if we keep up the demand for the small they'll make her in large. A lot of people are getting this bag. I hope you can get used to the smaller size. She's TDF! :drool: