Please push me! I need a shove in the right direction!

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  1. Azur Hampstead, Stresa Mono or Mon Mono Speedy?? I am so torn. I love them all! Which would you choose and why? I don't need any of them. I have both handheld and shoulder bags, both mono and azur, maybe one too many speedies but the mon mono is unique so to me that isn't a factor. TIA, I greatly value your opinions and don't want to make any more mistakes of impulse.
  2. Mon Mono Speedy! :biggrin:

    Or if you go for the Stresa, I'd get it in Azur. :drool:
  3. Not a Hampstead fan... I like the Stresa... But I'm in a Mon Mono anything mood.. so deff
    mon mono speedy.. or why not, keepall??
  4. I too lately have been loving mon mono.. so my vote is for that as well!
  5. mon mono speedy!
  6. Mon Mono Speedy -- I love mine!!
  7. I have an azur hampstead MM and am using it now (heading into summer in Australia). I am using it for work too - because it fits my laptop. I find the straps comfortable and I love the plate.

    But it depends on what you want to use the bag for...
  8. I like the hamsptead still!
  9. I would go for a Stresa in Azur!
  10. Azur Stresa as well! :P
  11. mon mono speedy! what colors are you thinking about?
  12. I love my Mon Mono and you will ove yours too.
  13. I have the Stressa in Azur and it's so pretty, and think the style in mono would also be so lovely. Hampstead was too heavy for me so I eventually sold it. My sister has the Mon Mono and really likes it.
  14. think

    Lol that would have to be my next thread. It changes daily. Today I think mint and cream.
  15. Maybe I need a leopard shawl. Ugh the turmoil! Agony!