Please provide recommendations for a watch costing less than $1000, thanks! More deets inside.

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  1. Hi everyone! I love watches and ill be honest, all I own are cheapy watches that Ive purchased but all have been poor quality and just for fashion. Id like to get something better.

    I would love a Rolex however I just dont have that budget right now. I was thinking a Shinola or a Gucci watch, but does anyone else have recommendations? Im looking for either a brown or nude leather strap watch or if its metal, to have it be silver. Not too big of a face since I have small wrists.
  2. I’ve been really happy with my Tissot. I’ve had it for several years. I was actually pleased to learn that Duchess Kate actually owned the same model as me and wore it for many years (just like myself) prior to her receiving her Cartier Bleu. This year, Nordstrom’s started carrying the brand. I am sure others on here will have recommendations for you. I would choose a classic, non-trendy style, but that is just me. I own several Guccis from ages ago but with leather bands and they still look current but I do not know if the quality has gone down in more recent years. Good Luck!
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  3. As above - Tissot.
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  4. Tissot is my recommendation also!
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  5. Haha! I was going to recommend Tissot as well. I also have the same model that Duchess Kate wore. I had it before I learned she owned it, too.

    ETA: If you are able to go a bit above $1000, Tag Heur is a good brand. I have the smaller Aquaracer. It was about $1300.
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  6. Same exact situation except mine is all gold not 2-toned. I thought it was crazy when they identified it and I had it on my wrist. But, it makes sense. It is a good Swiss (I believe, I picked mine up overseas) brand. I do not know but Seiko in the USA used to be pretty decent, maybe it is worth a look. Others may want to chime in as I haven’t been in the market for a watch in that price range for many years. I have a very old one that still runs perfectly (only maintenance it has ever needed is a couple of replacement batteries over the years, which is reasonable and to be expected) and looks great.

    The reason I suggested Tissot is that it isn’t as mainstream because it isn’t sold everywhere. The lady who does my nails has commented a number of times about my “expensive” watch. I just smile, thank her, tell her I love it and have had it for ages.
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  7. I haven't owed a Tissot but agree that is a nice watch and automatic like Rolex - not quartz. I have a Rolex but still also wear my Movado. Nice clean lines and haven't had any issues with it.
  8. Check out Frédérique Constant— good Swiss brand, and you can get a mechanical/automatic watch for a little over $1,000. Their watches are really pretty, and you don’t see them on everybody. Their higher priced models have a little heart-shaped window at 12:00 where you can see the movement inside the watch.

    I’ve had mine for some years, but I just checked their site and GOOP is now their brand ambassador, which may or may not be a positive thing for you. :cool:
  9. I strongly suggest to go for watch brands such as Tissot, Longines, Rado, Oris for that budget.
  10. I will mention here just what NOT to get: Phillip Stein. I paid about $700 for mine and the rose gold starting to turn yellow gold in one year and after that the majority of the plating just plain wore off. I consider it to be the biggest rip off and mistake I ever made in all my years of buying jewelry and watches. Just do not consider that brand.
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  11. I love my Michele watch, many have larger faces but they do make smaller ones too. Many will be out of your budget if purchased full price, but they are readily available at outlets/discount stores or online with good discounts, if you are patient you will find the right one for you and under $1000. Straps are interchangeable which is nice, although I just bought the stainless bracelet and never change mine.
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  12. Frederique Constant Slimline Mini!


    It has mother of pearl dial, diamonds, gold plated, and under $1000. I own a Rolex datejust but I still love this watch so much. It’s so elegant.

    Phillipe Charriol St Tropez watches are also very great quality, I’ve owned one but lost it.