Please provide advice for the lovelorn

  1. Someone on this forum posted a link to the Opportunities store, so I thought I'd check out their scarves. And lord save me, but I had an experience I don't remember ever having before: when I clicked on the enlargement of the blue Colchiques, I felt a huge smile spread involuntarily across my face.

    The pink version made me smile too, although not quite as widely.

    I'm a tad bit distressed, as I had pretty much decided to buy the navy Regina from the BIN seller on eBay -- that one would cost me $100 less in US dollars than the blue Colchiques, not counting shipping. But it's pretty hard to ignore that kind of completely involuntary reaction.

    Do scarves on the Opportunities site sell quickly? Should I risk waiting a week or so, to make sure I've got the cash for the Colchique I really want? Or should I just go ahead and buy the Regina I know I can afford right now?
  2. Depends really, sometimes I see scarves go really really fast in there. Get the one that makes you happier!
  3. Ooh, that blue Colchiques is absolutely gorgeous! I've never seen it before.

    Personally, I think you should go for it, rather than the Regina.
  4. I think Regina comes up every now and again .... I'd go with the one that is singing to you now...
  5. I just got a Voie Lactee from them, and it's lovely. In absolutely new condition, as described. It did take a while to ship, if that helps calm your buying impulse at all. I was starting to wonder what was going on. But worth the wait!
  6. Buy the one that sings. Really. Otherwise it will keep singing long after it is unavailable to you and that song will be in your head forever. Believe me!

    I love to save $100 as much as anyone, but sometimes you just have to plunge in if you have the funds. You will make it up on other deals on eBay, I am sure! You will love the carre, and truthfully I would say I see regina more often...
  7. Good points, all. Okay, I'll (gulp) order it . . . after I get a chance to go to the bank and deposit a few checks.

    Cross your fingers that it's still there by the time I'm able to raise my bank balance!