Please pray for my doggy!!! =o(

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  1. My dog Oreo is about 10 years old I got him from the pound so we don't know for sure what his exact age is.
    He always sleeps with me in bed, well in the middle of the night he jumped off the bed I thought it was just because he was hot.

    I woke up this morning to a bad accident all over my tile floor. I took him outside to walk him aand I noticed when he was peeing there was blood.:crybaby:

    When I brought him inside he could not stop peeing and there was pools of blood all over the floor. I rushed him to the vets. He was tested a couple of months ago for his kidneys because he ate some of the contaminated food and his kidney levels were elevated. He is on a special kidney food.

    They did a bunch of tests and still don't know what it is, they will have the results tommorow. I am so scared right now. He is like my son I love this dog with all my heart.:crybaby:

    It just seems like one bad thing after another is happening in my life im still trying to deal with awful family members and now my poor fur baby is sick. I am seriously at my max with stress. I can't take any more. I feel sick to my stomach over this. If you could please just say a prayer for him I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks everyone sorry for the long post.
  2. Both Oreo and you are in my thoughts, heart and prayers. I know what you are going through, try to stay positive and good luck, I am sure they will be able to help him.
  3. OMG I am so sorry!


    Keep us updated - we are all here for you.
  4. Hello Coach Ladies,

    I just wanted to post his thread in here that I put in the animal section because im hoping if everyone prays for him he will be ok. :crybaby:I don't know what I would do without my dog.

    I hope this is ok mods if not you can close it.

    Please pray for my doggy!!! =o( - The Purse Forum
  5. Oh, honey, I'm praying for him :heart:
  6. Omg that is so awful. Oreo is in my thoughts and prayers.
    :sad: I hope he gets better soon
  7. o my goodness silver sea i am SO sorry :sad: this just brought tears to my eyes

    i know how you feel about your dog my cats are like children to me i would be more upset if something happened to them then anything

    they ate contaminated food too and i was TERRIFIED!

    i am SO sorry i dont pray but i will keep Oreo in my mind and send him good vibes!!!!! Hopefully they can treat whatever is wrong

    is he at home with you or at the vets office? i wish i had any idea what to say ;( I am so sorry is all i can say ,,,show the screen to oreo right now and tell him i hope he feels better sooN! :smile: :heart:
  8. Thank you all so much I am in tears right now he just had another accident and is still peeing so much blood.
    He keeps crying and shaking. The vet gave him antabiotics but they can't do much until the test results come in. I just want him to feel better I set up a blanket in his fav bed next to me.
  9. Oh hon, of course we will send our prayers out to your doggie. Take care sweetie. Hope he gets better quickly.
  10. I just said a special prayer to St. Francis of Assisi for Oreo and yourself. I know how terrifying these situations are. Hugs to you.
  11. *hugs*
    i am so sorry! i love my doggies and I have been through the loss of a loved pet baby so I am feeling your heartbreak. my thoughts are with you and your little one.
  12. Oh I'm so sorry please keep us up to date my thoughts are with you and your fur baby!
  13. I am so sorry to hear that your dear doggy isn't doing well. Many of us love our pets as much as we love our family and friends. I will keep you and your dog in my good thoughts and prayers. Take care!
  14. Hoping for the best for your poor little guy!
  15. Those darn people that sent out that infected food should all be FED the food to see how they like it. Praying for you and Oreo. :heart: