Please pray for me...

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  1. Hello
    Finally I got a job interview after the last one on Oct. The interview will be at 2pm tomorrow. I really need you guys pray for me. I will definitely do more works tonight for the interview and I wish it will be the one. :tender:
  2. good luck on the interview!
  3. best of luck.
  4. Absolutely!! Prayers being sent your way and also good luck!
  5. Good luck! You will do fabulous!:yes:
  6. Here's wishing you the best!
  7. good luck! all the best!
  8. Good luck! Hope you do well, we're all rooting for you.
  9. prayers going up:love:
  10. praying and wishing for you!!!
  11. Good Luck!
  12. Oooh good luck! Please keep us posted :smile:
  13. gl let us know how it goes
  14. Good luck and keep us posted!
  15. Hope your interview goes well:smile: