Please pray for me... I have a project, a paper, and 2 exams due all tomorrow! :-(

  1. I'll pray that you make it in corporate america. Because the workload is far worse than what you have today, depending on where you go. GOOD LUCK!!!
  2. WOW aren't you nice.

  3. Actually, my intention is not to be mean, just truthfull. I lost my company over $500k with a simple, (but bad) decision I made. Understood that OP has it hard (I feel for her!), it gets harder elsewhere. sigh.. I guess I wish I was back in school.... I wouldn't have my boss on my butt right now...
  4. ^It's very true. Plus, last time I choose how many credits you want to take.......right?????
  5. ^ not all the time.

    sometimes you are required to take X amount of units to maintain some kind of status with your financial aid, academic requirements, student VISAS etc etc.

    I dont think shes asking for a pity card, shes merely expressing her fustration just like everyone else who posts distressing threads.
  6. I don't know of any educational institution that requires 22 credits per term, but maybe I'm naive. I went to a state school that required you maintain 'full time status' to keep your visas/financial aid/etc; which was 12 credits per term (quarter system).

    Then again I frequently had 15 page papers due in the same week as other big projects and exams, just like anybody else in college - so she should be glad she isn't alone! One should feel fortunate to have the opportunity to go to college, a lot of people act entitled to it and then whine about all the work involved - as if it were supposed to be easier.

    Sorry, I've had an interesting week so I probably sound like a biatch, but I never got very stressed out when I was in college because I knew it was going to involve a lot of work, so I was able to mentally prepare. But that's just how I operate :biggrin:
  7. ugh I dont think shes whining..shes just expressing her fustration, LIKE OTHER THREADS on here. what does 'she should be grateful' have to do with anything she is saying?? and im assuming that is why she posted the thread--because she knows she isnt alone, hence other people offering support.

    I think your looking too much into it, I dont feel the OP feels any sort of entitlement.
  8. Actually, I was just making casual observations :upsidedown: no looking too deep into anything on my part. Then again, I'm used to dissecting much more difficult topics than this one, and have quite the little analytical mind, so maybe it looks like too much for some ;) I never called her out, I said 'a lot of people', because a lot of people do, in fact, act entitled and whine about the workload in school. Happens all the time, and whether or not she feels that way has nothing to do with that fact; and people should be grateful for their opportunities. All of my observations are true, whether they apply to OP or not :yes: this is, after all, a 'general discussion' thread.
  9. correction: your observations are true in your own opinion only.


    Good Luck to the OP!
  10. Well, whatever makes you feel better :tup: My observations are true, because I observed them happening and you can't discount that, because I never said they were a universal fact - while you may observe other truths and I can't discount those. I should ask ShimmaPuff to come in and analyze that statement :roflmfao: It matters not, it's all semantics anyway, and we all agree that college = work!
  11. omg!!! i know exactly how you feel!!! bio and orgo chem is KILLING ME right now...good luck!!!!
  12. :popcorn:Her threads are always so entertaining!

    Good luck with all your work! My lil sis takes way more AP classes than she needs and maintains above a 4.0. I ask her why she is doing so much during her senior year (HS) because with what she has already she is sure to make it into an Ivy League. She does all the extra because she wants to make sure she stands out. All those class on top of being the president of mock trial and other activities...the girl doesn't sleep!!

    So good for you for doing more than is what required! It is people like you that will make it in corporate America!!!!
  13. Hope everything went well and you can relax a little on the weekend!
  14. Thanks everyone for your support!! My papers I did alright on, but I'm afraid about the exams though. I also had an orgo exam...its the worst!!

    I crashed after my exam last night..........can you believe that professors have exams on late Friday nights? Out of all of my years in college, I've never had a professor give an exam on a late Friday night. The exams were pretty late, but on other days of the week. I got out of this exam at 9:15 pm!!!

    A lot of people were complaining because they had to go home for the weekend or such. The only reason I'm complaining is because on Friday nights...all I want to do is catch up on SLEEP haha! I'm usually dead on Fridays because my week is so long....

    Anyways, I got up not too long ago. I was able to get about 14 hours of sleep! LOL! I've been sick all week with a really bad cold, so I think I might get back into bed and do a bit of reading.

    The reason I'm taking so many credits is because I'm trying to graduate on time with 2 majors and a minor.
  15. ^ shucks, you sound like you're in bad shape.. drink loads of water and have enough rest ok. :yes: