Please post your white Chanel items here!

  1. Please post photos of your Chanel items in shades of white.
    If you have it, please include style #s and color codes, prices, etc. . . . as well.
    As always, please no commentary in the Reference Library:tender:
  2. My white Jumbo (with a little black ;))


  3. My dark white PNY wallet

    Style code: A32480Y04150
    Color code: 10606 Blanc Fonce




  4. Medium Hybrid, distressed caviar, $2275

  5. white lambskin Madison

  6. Dark white Vintage Ligne Tote:
    DSCF2139.jpg DSCF2140.jpg DSCF2147.jpg DSCF2538.jpg DSCF2148.jpg
  7. GST in white caviar leather with silver hardware.
    _MG_8689z.JPG _MG_8686z.JPG
  8. Jumbo Caviar Classic Flap
  9. Perforated Line...


  10. Perforated line - white jumbo with silver hardware
    Chanel collection 057.jpg
  11. Didn't see a place for I will but it here with whites.
    Here is an example of a beige GST with gold hardware next to a white GST. with silver hardware.
    (Note the beige color in photo did not reproduce exactly true to actual color of bag)
    _MG_8675z.JPG _MG_8674z.JPG
  12. Medium Caviar Classic Flap with Silver Hardware

    Style Code: 07P A01112Y01588
    Color Code: 10601 White

  13. Mine..:love:
    Jumbo.jpg IMAG0046.jpg
  14. White east/west size flap with caviar leather and silver new chain



    07P A35191Y01588
    halloween 2039.jpg halloween 2038.jpg halloween 2037.jpg