Please post your Vert Deau GIANT pics!


Vert Deau Giant ...what??

  1. Vert Deau Giant CITY

  2. Vert Deau Giant DAY

  3. Vert Deau Giant something else?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a Vert Deau Giant Day or City, but I can't seem to find any pics of any vert deau with GH. If you've got any vert deau with GH, any style not just Day or City, please post your pics here, and it'll be fantabulous if you can post pics wearing it!! :yahoo:

    Also, which do you prefer, Giant Day or City?

  2. Here's a pic! I found it on a past eBay auction and the picture was so pretty that I bookmarked it! If I'm not allowed to link to other people's pictures, please edit my post...

  3. Vert d'eau Work Geant...
    vote goes to either PART TIME or WORK...

  4. PS: I voted for Vert Deau Giant something else. The something else I think is best is the Part Time size :smile:
  5. Hi, voted mine and i think part-time will be a good style in this color:wlae:
  6. bump! Modelling pics anyone?
  7. Hey, the one from HGBAGS on eb*y is gorgeous! I vote city!
  8. i think day will be nice for this colour.
  9. I voted Day GH - I think the City is just too small a size to really carry of the GH, but it looks perfect on the Day.
  10. I say the Vert D'eau PART-TIME! I agree with the others who said that they feel the GH is not in proportion with the City size; however, I think it's just PERFECT on the Part-Time. Seeing the pics of these bags ... :drool: ... slurp, slurp!!